Friday, October 26, 2018

Five Friday Faves

Welcome back to Five Friday Faves—a series where we tell you about five things we're currently obsessing over! 

Molly's Faves

Retro Painted Pumpkins
I'm obsessed with Hallmark's Think.Make.Share Studio's painted pumpkins this year! They're such a fun and unconventional palette and decor style for the upcoming holiday and I love them all. Be sure to scan to the end of their blog post to see pumpkins they've painted in past years. 

Geometric Earrings
This is a big trend for autumn and winter and I cannot get enough! '80s-inspired costume jewelry? Yes, take all my money please. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so without further ado, I'll show show you visuals of some of my current fave styles (all with shoppable links!)

Pumpkin Spice Russian
I have to admit, this idea was all my husband. He added some pumpkin spice to a White Russian and the rest is history. If you don't have pumpkin pie spice on hand, there's a super easy recipe to whip up and have on hand here. Now that I'm thinking about it, wouldn't pumpkin spice be great in a smoothie as well with bananas and almond milk? Or just any beverage with milk in it? Brb, gotta go try it out. 

Energy Bites

These are nothing new, but I've been extra obsessed with them lately. I even blogged a couple of variations to try back in 2015 here. The two versions included in that link are seriously great, but I've been making up a batch every other weekend or so to use as breakfast, a pick-me-up before a workout, or a mid-afternoon snack, so I wanted a little more variety. I did one variation adding two tablespoons of cinnamon and then flaxseeds in place of other seeds, and they tasted just like oatmeal cookies. The latest had a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder and dark chocolate chips. They're so decadent, but not even that sweet because the honey is the only sweetener. They're so handy and fun to experiment with!

Funky Oversized Sweaters
Yes, it's cooling down outside, but that also means my office is an actual icebox for the foreseeable future. I keep a blanket cape in my office that I wear most days, sometimes even draped over my sweater and jacket! This means I need to really stock up on large, layerable, thick sweaters! I love a big sweater, but to keep from feeling to frumpy and black, I love to make sure they're real statement pieces. From wild colors to fun patterns, I've rounded up some of my current favorite large, funky sweaters below!

Jodi's Faves

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell 
This quirky and spooky Netflix series checks all of my October boxes! It's like Pee-Wee's Playhouse meets the Muppets meets The Addams Family in one delightful show. I'm also super excited for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina which premieres on Netflix today! 

Dr. Death 
I've got two podcasts that I am obsessed with this month. The first is Dr. Death by Wondry. You will have this dark true crime tale binged within a matter of days. It's a gripping account of how one surgeon severely injured, and sometimes even killed, 33 patients and the medical system that let him get away with it. 

The second podcast I have is a perfect way to get into the mood for Halloween next week! Spooked is by Snap Judgement and WNYC Studios and is in its second season. These real-life scary stories of ghosts and paranormal occurrences will have you sleeping with the lights on! 

Halogen x Atlantic-Pacific Collaboration 
I am a HUGE fan of Blair Eadie and have read her blog for years, so when I saw that she was launching a collection in collaboration with the Nordstrom line, Halogen, you could say it was like Christmas came early! She just launched her collection on Monday, but things are selling out fast! I've linked my favorite pieces below, but be sure to check back for items to come back in stock! 

Somewhere Only We Know: A cover by Kacey Musgraves
I discovered this cover of Somewhere Only We Know by Keane (my jam back in 2004) yesterday and I.AM.OBSESSED! It's just a delicate version of the song and I love her version just as much as the original.


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