Friday, September 7, 2018

Long Nine Junction

I'm going to let you in on Springfield's best secret today - Long Nine Junction! This little shop is situated right in the heart of downtown Springfield, across from the Old State Capitol, and serves up THE most delicious food you will get anywhere, hands down. Currently, they are only open for lunch, but it's well worth the lunchtime jaunt to get your hands on this deliciousness. 

Their menu changes seasonally, but having sampled all of the seasonal menus at this point, I can say without a doubt that they are all fantastic! They also source all of their ingredients from organic, local farms. 

As you enter, you can peruse the menu on the wall and order at the counter when you're ready (which sometimes takes longer than you anticipated because it all sounds so good!). 

My husband and I went on a Saturday a few weeks back. He ordered the Cubano, which is ham, bacon, pulled pork, swiss cheese, honey grain whole grain mustard on toasted focaccia. 

We got the chicken pozole rojo soup with sweet corn and squash to share and I went for the french dip sandwich and a side of fresh greens with citronette dressing. They seriously have the best side salads here! The dressing is some of the best I've ever tasted - cool, crisp, and refreshing. 

They also offer daily specials that are posted on their Facebook page. The menu is set up in three main segments, all named after legislative terms to tie into the new and old capitols that are situated right around the restaurant. The "Recess/meals in a bowl" section is also great if you want something heartier, like mac and cheese with BBQ apple butter pork...YUM! These meals also come with their homemade rolls which are, hands down, the best bread I've ever tasted in my LIFE! If you're still hungry, you can grab one of their homemade desserts on your way out. 

So, what are you waiting for?? Get down to Long Nine Junction and experience some of the best food Central Illinois has to offer! I'll see you there!



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