Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Bold, Curvy, and the Beautiful

We continue our guest blogger series with Natalie Allaz! Natalie is here to share her message of empowerment and fashion! Be sure to check out her Instagram and follow her gorgeous fashion @natahlee85.

“That print makes your tummy look big, I think you should go for the smaller size print” – Your Mother. God bless my mom! She would always encourage me to beat to my own drum but occasionally she requested that I would color inside the lines. We disagree like most mother and daughters, mainly about this old advice that you can’t be a beautiful curvaceous woman and wear bold prints. I believe that is simply UNFAIR and UNTRUE! 

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my mother and I value her advice, but not when it comes to my personal style. Our choices are an immediate reflection of our personality. I’m learning to embrace myself and how I look. I feel like I’ve evolved with my style choices; and that’s just me rediscovering myself and allowing a possible fashion failure to happen! WHICH IT WILL LADIES! You live and you wardrobe. 

Let your curves embrace the patterns. Don’t shy away from huge shapes, blocks of color, and big beautiful flowers! Just go crazy with it. I have always loved fashion, in particular the adorable prints that you spot on ModCloth or SHEIN, but I would always second guess myself if I could pull off any of those looks. Not anymore! You have curves for showing off, not for hiding them behind neutral colors, black pants and the mundane! 

Also, I am a bit of a frugal fashionista. When I shop, I’m on the prowl for clothes and accessories that can pair with multiple pieces in my wardrobe. I also like to purchase designs that are fun and a boost my mood. Bright colors are a must! 

When in doubt, throw some color in the mix! You can never have too much color with your look. If you’re afraid of stepping into the patterned pond, try and incorporate pieces slowly. If you’re uncertain about a piece for heaven’s sake try it on! You  will never know without taking the risk. You’ll discover a whole new world of fashion possibilities. Pairing mixed designs is so much fun. The rule for pairing stripes with a solid print is done! Pair your stripes with a floral print or a graphic tee. Let those designs mesh into something entirely magical. 

Growing up, I would hear my mother doubt herself when she fell in love with a pattern but wouldn’t wear it because it was bigger and she felt it made her look bigger. If I knew what I know now, I would have taken her in my arms and said “Darling, you are beautiful, you are unique and you are bold. And your outfit should reflect that.” 

Friends, your wardrobe should not be the stuff of dreams. Your wardrobe should not be a life of “wishful makeuping” as Ioana quoted in Pretty In Pink. Try on the next beautiful blouse, dress, skirt, or whatever that peaks your fancy. Lay claim to the dressing room. You could be opening up the world to undiscovered wonders and confidence you never knew you had. 

Here are some amazing looks I am crushing on at the moment:

Thank you to the moon and back again to Jodi & Molly for allowing me to be featured on their beautiful blog! 

-Natahlee85 (The Almond Girl)



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