Friday, August 10, 2018

Nutty Russian Cocktail

I love a good White Russian as a nightcap, but in the summer, the idea of heavy cream sounds a little, well, heavy after sweating all day long. So, I tried something different and it was a total winner: almond milk! It's also a great non-dairy option too if that's what you're looking for. To reinforce the "nutty" theme, I also added a few drops of almond extract, which really gives it a lovely aroma and extra essence when mixed with the coffee flavor of Kahlua.

I made this drink in our new drinkware from Crate and Barrel that we're loving. It feels perfectly retro to match our vintage-tropical themed dining room decor!

Let's get to it!

2 oz vodka
1 oz Kahlua
2 oz almond milk
a few drops almond extract

Add ice to a rocks glass and pour in vodka, Kahlua, and almond extract. Add milk on top and stir. Ta-da! It's so easy peasy and makes a great light dessert that fulfills your sweet tooth, but doesn't feel as heavy as icecream or full cream nightcaps.



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