Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Summer Plaid

Plaid isn't just for autumn! I love this super Americana-looking plaid top with coral and teal tones added in for a fun modern twist. I feel like the vibe of the top feels very 1960s summer, so I accessorized accordinly with white cateye sunglasses and a fun round purse. 

This button front denim skirt has been my go to all summer. It goes with anything style-wise and the cut jives with about any top. These pink slides have also been some of my faves for summer, because obviously blush is a neutral. 

I love that this look can be super '60s-imspired while still being casual and laid back.  

Now I need to go chase down a bomb pop to match my outfit! 


Outfit Details:
Denim Skirt (similar)
Retro Purse (similar)
Sunglasses (similar)

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