Friday, July 27, 2018

Five Friday Faves

It's time for another installment of Five Friday Faves! This is one of our favorite series where we tell you about five random things that we are currently obsessing over. Be sure to check out our previous posts herehere and here.


Platform Sneakers
I'm loving the platform sneaker trend right now! It's the perfect way to spice up an otherwise casual outfit. I can't wait to take this trend right on into the fall! I've shared some of my current favorites below. 

Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning
You guys. This seasoning is soooo good! It's a great way to ahem, spice up, all sorts of tasty treats. So far, we've added it to chicken and on bagels (because duh), but I'm excited to experiment with it on more meals! 

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness 
If you love Queer Eye, then you will love this podcast from Jonathan Van Ness! It's the most delightful thing I've ever come across. Not only do you get to listen to Jonathan and his fabulousness, but you also learn quite a bit too! 

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
It's that time of year again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the perfect time to stock up on basic pieces and fall staples. Check out our sale picks here

Sharp Objects 
The HBO miniseries based on the novel by Gillian Flynn is currently airing every Sunday evening, and I have to say, my husband and I are hooked! If you read the novel, then you know how the story goes, but it still is a really well made show that is definitely worth checking out.


Coil Hair Ties
I'm loving these hair ties that look basically like mini adorable landline phone cords. They make for a perfect loose ponytail, since you only need to wrap it around a couple of times and it really grips in your hair. Like scrunchies, they feel a lot better than a typical hair tie on your hair!

After a trip to Barcelona last month, I fell in love with this sparkling Spanish wine. It's very similar to champagne, but with a little bit less fizz. It's fresh and just perfect for summertime sipping!

Pom Pom Earrings
These earrings are nothing new, but I've really been loving the lightweight, versatile style of pom pom earrings. They don't even really feel like you're wearing anything!

Baker Boy Hats
These hats were big last winter, but they still haven't gone anywhere this summer, and I'll probably be adding more to my collection come this fall. This '90s throwback accessory can be paired with a dress for a fun weekend ensemble, or a casual tee and jeans to spice up a casual look.

I've been using the lightroom app for photo editing on my phone lately and it's been pretty great! I love that you can set your presets, essentially making your own filters, and saving those presets to use on photos later for similar editing. 

Let us know in the comments what you're loving lately too!


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