Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Yes, You CAN Wear Color!

Next up in our guest blogger series, we're thrilled to welcome Christina, the stylish blogger behind Brunette of Vantes! In this post, she gives tips and tricks on how EVERYONE can wear bright colors. Check her out on Instagram and Facebook! 

A compliment I get all the time is “I love your dress! I could never wear that color, but it looks great on you!” I always say “thank you,” but I’m left with a bittersweet taste because I can’t understand the aversion to color!  

I grew up wearing clothes my mom picked out for me until about the age of 12. She would buy me turquoise, pink, orange tops and matching floral capris and skirts. I wore these eccentric combinations because, well, I didn’t have the means to shop for myself. I was also bigger than most of the kids in my class, so I did not have many fashionable options that fit.  

But, over time, I ended up loving my clothes! I always felt like they spoke loudly for me, a girl who could probably go a full day without having a full on conversation with anyone outside of my house. 

Once I started middle school, I was allowed to make more of my own style choices, I drifted toward the neutrals. Sounds like a typical rebel move right? Yea, I was a total badass. Or I tried to be. I traded my Britney Spears cassette for an Evanescence CD and bright over-the-top shirts for rock band tees. 

In high school, I slowly began incorporating more color back into my wardrobe. I would mix my black tees with my turquoise skirts and my all neutral outfits were elevated with colorful jewelry, hair accessories and shoes. But I still listened to more rock bands than Britney! 

My style came naturally and evolved with me, as it happens with most of us girls. But I was curious to find out why many women come to the conclusion that they cannot or should not even dare to throw on a little color. 
I asked followers of ​Brunette of Vantes​ why they were scared to try hues that I personally love and show on my feed all the time. The top 3 answers I received were: 

1. They can’t pull off colorful clothing because of their size,
2. Fashionable and colorful options are hard to find,
3. They avoid color because of their skin color.

First, let’s start off by saying, colorful clothing is not exclusive to any one type of person! I have been a size 6 to 18 in my life and have worn colorful options the entire time! I understand the struggle of finding tasteful pieces in colorful options. A few places to check out include, pretty much every clothing store’s sale section. Since unfortunately, many don’t shop bright options, they end up discounted. I have found many of my wardrobe staples at the 50% off racks. 

Many of us believe that wearing all black helps create the illusion of a slimmer figure. And this is true, as long as the fit is correct. But in reality, that rule applies to every color of the rainbow. If I wear a brown potato sack, I will look larger than if I wear a green waist defining A-line dress. Remember, fit is key! 

Let’s go deeper with the next topic. I am Mexican-American. I have olive/tan skin. For a period in my life, I struggled with this because I have the darkest complexion of anyone in my family and there was a family member, who I love dearly, that would point this out to me pretty often. It was heartbreaking. To this day, at age 26, I like to remind myself that my skin is glorious and is a solid tapestry of my ancestry. And instead of anxiety, I feel pride.  

It is easier said than done, but I encourage those of you with this struggle to look deeper than just the stereotypes and assumptions attached to a skin color because each shade on the spectrum has oceans of history. And that is beautiful. 

If your reasoning for avoiding brighter hues is as simple as, “I have no clue what colors go well together!” then you’re in luck because I live for color coordinating! The easiest trick I can offer you all is to start simple. Try a color you feel isn’t too outlandish, like yellow, and add it into your everyday style picks. Then, once you feel confident in styling that color, add in the opposite hue, so in this case, blue. And repeat the cycle from there. 

The colors my followers tell me they have the hardest time wearing are green, orange, and purple. And I agree! Green is not a common color, even in the spring and summer months. But bright greens can be fun when you pair them with blues and whites. In other words, stay with cool colors when pairing with other bright hues and earth tones when picking neutrals.  

Orange is actually one of my favorite colors! I tend to wear it alone, but it looks beautiful with opposing colors like bright blues, as well as similar colors like yellow, red and pink. I honestly, do not like matching orange and black because it reminds me of halloween, so I would stick with light neutrals if you must pair with neutrals at all.  

Purple is one of the most popular colors of the year! And it’s outstanding with almost any color! Don’t believe me? Try it! From pastels to jewel tone purples, the color is so versatile, you can feel spring ready to regal queen depending on the shade. 

My hope is that after reading this post, you’ll feel encouraged to try wearing something a little brighter. Remember, check the sale section, fit is key, go at your own pace, and most importantly, you are fabulous no matter what! 

If you’re still not sure, throw on a bright lipstick or nail color! And be sure to post a photo of your look after trying these tips! Don’t forget to tag ​Mod Circus​, ​Brunette of Vantes​ and use the hashtag, #ICanWearColor! 

Huge thank you to Jodi and Molly for letting me be a guest blogger on ​Mod Circus​

-The B of V


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