Friday, June 15, 2018

Five Friday Faves

It's time for another installment of Five Friday Faves! This is one of our favorite series where we tell you about five random things that we are currently obsessing over. Be sure to check out our previous posts here and here.


Summer Reading
When I was young, my grandma would take us to the library once a week every summer vacation. So, it doesn't feel like summer to me until I go to the library (or the bookstore, or more recently, download Audible), and check out/buy/download books to read for the summer! In the past couple weeks, I've read two books that you must drop everything and pick up now! The first was Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. "Little Fires Everywhere explores the weight of long-held secrets and the ferocious pull of motherhood-and the danger of believing that planning and following the rules can avert disaster, or heartbreak." Seriously, SO GOOD! The second was The Woman in the Window, a thriller with roots in Hitchcock, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat! There is a line close to the end of the book that literally gave me goosebumps. I'm still thinking about it! Do you have any recommendations for other books I need to read this summer? Let me know! 

Braided Up-do
My hair is super thick and wavy, so the Midwest humidity is a nightmare! I also hate the idea of using heat on my hair when it's 1,000 degrees outside, so I love no-heat hairstyles in the summer (you can check out some of our past no-heat hair tutorials here, here, here, here, and here. Since my hair is quite a bit shorter than it was in these past posts, I've been doing a variation of the braided crown. I just do a dutch braid on each side of my head, and pull both sides into a low bun in the back. Voila! My hair looks chic while keeping me as cool as possible! 

Jumpsuits and Rompers
I am OBSESSED with jumpsuits and rompers right now. I'm not sure why I am all of a sudden hopping on to this trend, but I'm on this train and we are full steam ahead! There are so many jumpsuits and rompers out there now, and no matter what your body type, you can find one that looks great on you. I've rounded up a "few" of my favorites and linked them below! 

Yoga with Adriene 
I've been trying to incorporate more yoga into my fitness routine, and a friend recently shared this YouTube Channel on social media, so I checked it out! I am so glad I did! Adriene is super down to Earth, easy to follow, witty, and has a great personality. She makes doing yoga fun, which in turn makes me want to do it more. She has every kind of yoga video you can think of, so go check her out! 

Loud Luxury (feat. brando) - Body 

You guys. I am obsessed with this song! It's perfect to blast in you car while you're driving around town with your windows down. It's my summer jam. Also, I can't get enough of the new Ariana Grande song - No Tears Left to Cry and Childish Gambino - This is America.  


This '90s comeback has found it's way fully back into my heart. I feel like scrunchies are so much easier on my hair than hair ties and they never pull any hairs out when I take them out. If you don't feel like flaunting it too much, they also look great with a sleek low ponytail. The scrunchie I'm wearing above comes in a whole fun set you can find here

Dip Nails
I'm typically not really up on nail trends, but I wanted to try out dip nails after hearing all about the hype. I wanted to give them a shot before I just went on trips (my nails always seem to break off when I'm traveling) and now I'm kind of hooked. Dip nails are just a little more durable than gel nails and are created by layering a base coat and dipping the nail in acrylic colored powder a few times. I've gotten them done twice now for back-to-back vacations and I'm seriously debating keeping it up. Have you ever tried dip nails before? Here's a picture of how they're holding up after 2 1/2 weeks and 12 straight days of travel. Pretty happy with how these have held up.

Arrested Development

If you've watched Arrested Development in the past, you probably know that since it "ended" in 2006, another season was released in 2013 and it wasn't well-received. Well, that season had now been totally re-cut to be more like previous seasons and they've now released another new season! It's been a while since I've watched the original Arrested Development episodes, but I'm really enjoying the re-cut season (4) the new season 5. 

I know bodysuits are nothing new, but I typically think of them as skintight leotard-looking pieces. However, I recently got a flowy top bodysuit that has been a game changer for me. Not having to tuck in your shirt and take 5 full minutes to straighten out wrinkles and bumps made me realize how much work I usually do to tuck my shirt in! If you wear high-waisted pants and like to tuck tops in, you have to look at investing in some bodysuits. Check out some I've found that I love below.

Orange Wine
I'm kind of a sucker for a good rose, and orange wines, or sometimes called skin-contact wines, are the new member of the family! The ones I've tried have very complex and floral notes, but without being sweet. I've only tried a few, but my summer will include a lot more of it ahead! You can learn more about orange wine here. I highly recommend trying some out if you're a wine drinker!


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