Thursday, May 24, 2018

Summer Sunglasses Roundup

Sunglasses are for year round in our opinion, but summer is when tons of new styles come out, and you can really get a feel for what's trending. This summer is all about '90s throwback styles, colored lenses and serious cateye silhouettes. And we're loving ALL OF IT. See our favorites rounded up below!


I cannot get enough colored lenses! Even in a classic shape, they feel totally new and fresh and so playful and summery. I'm also wanting to buy every pair of cateye frames I see. Don't worry, though, I've only bought a far.

1. Heart Sunglasses
2. Clear Cateye Sunglasses
3. White Oval Sunglasses
4. Blue Statement Sunglasses
5. Pink Hexagon Sunglasses
6. Red Cateye Sunglasses
7. Pink Lens Cateye Sunglasses
8. Skinny White Cateye Sunglasses
9. Skinny Tortoiseshell Sunglasses


I love a retro frame when it comes to my sunnies, and am especially embracing all things kitschy, like sunglasses chains and unexpected embellishments! Tell your grandma to watch out, I'm here to raid her sunglasses collection! 


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