Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Blue Embroidered Dress

Well, the midwest just went straight from winter to summer in a week. Like, 90 degree, humid heat you only find here kind of summer. Because I was wearing sweaters two weeks ago, I hadn't yet gotten out my super summery clothes from storage until this past weekend. The really fun thing about storing your off-season clothes is that if feels like you get a whole new wardrobe when you get them out.

This dress is one of those oldies but goodies I got a few years back. Full disclosure: Jodi ended up getting it too! I realized neither of us had documented it yet, and after getting compliments after wearing it last week, I thought it deserved its own little post here.

Embroidery is still a hot trend this season, and I love the deep blue embroidered on white. The silhouette of the dress is reminiscent of a '60s shift dress, so I paired it with some very tall flatform sandals to elongate my legs.

I'll be honest: I had a bit of a dry spell with sunglasses last year. I just wasn't digging the shapes and styles I was seeing for sale, but oh lordy, this summer of sunnies is coming in hot! I've definitely gotten enough pairs to last me the summer, but, from ovals to cateye and perfectly round, I'm digging everything eyewear this summer. These clear cateyes maaaay just be my faves though.

What about you, do you pack away off-season clothes so you feel like you get a shopping spree when the season changes? 


Dress (similar)
Platforms (similar)


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