Monday, April 2, 2018

Our 3rd Year Anniversary - A Look Back

Yesterday marked three years of blogging for us, so to celebrate, we decided to look back at our favorite posts over the years! Many things have changed quite a bit in the past few years (mostly our hair and photography skills), but some things have stayed the same, like our love of fashion, food, and fun!

Circus Photoshoot
This was our very first "professional" photoshoot and it was so much fun! Maybe we should do another circus themed shoot for our next anniversary?

Citrus Superhero
This is still one of my very favorite outfits! I LOVE that blazer cape and don't see myself parting with it ever.

Tea Time
One of my very favorite things about the blog is that we've been able to capture some of our really big life moments here to share with you all! I love looking back at this post and remembering all of the fun I had with my family and friends at my bridal shower (and the fact that they humored me and wore hats to a grown up tea party)!

Jodi's Wedding: Art Deco with a Celtic Twist
Again, I love that I was able to document such a momentous day in my life on our blog! I love looking at pictures from this day. :)

Dressed Up Gingham and a New Family Member
Anytime I get to look at pictures of my pup when she was a wee babe, then I'm happy! I also happen to be in love with this dress, so win-win!

The Violet Hour
Sometimes a blog post comes together perfectly. This was one of those for me. This local mural matched my outfit and I was obsessed! We just happened to get the perfect afternoon light to shoot in too!

Highest Highs and Lowest Lows
This outfit is still one of my favs because it is the perfect mix of retro glam, trendy, and bold.

Futuristic Dorothy
One of the other things I really love about blogging is that it makes me push my own limitations and boundaries to come up with new outfits. Before the blog, I might not have even worn a metallic skirt, let alone mixed it with a gingham top!

Gold Lion
As I said in the previous post, blogging has really pushed me to be more creative with my outfit choices, both for the blog and in my day to day wardrobe. I really loved this post because it was a great way for me to mix these awesome vintage palazzo pants (yes, those are pants!) with a sparkly crop top with structured shoulders. All things I LOVE!

Fangs a Lot
If you've been reading here for long, you know that we love a theme, and Halloween is certainly NO exception. I also had just chopped off my hair and was really digging it here!

Wear it Two Ways: Retro Turban
There are SO many of our Wear it Two Ways posts that stick out and it truly is one of the best parts about this blog (in my humble opinion). I probably never would have worn a turban before doing the blog, but I now try to find as many as possible to mix into my wardrobe!

Wear it Two Ways: Berets
Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, so this Wear it Two Ways sticks out because berets are quintessentially autumnal to me.

KC Fashion Week F/W 2017
This is probably my favorite dress of all time. I wore this to my second time attending Kansas City Fashion week, and unfortunately I don't think I'll ever be able to top it. I was having a conversation recently with friends about we'd want to be buried in if we died tomorrow (it was less morbid than it sounds, I swear!) and I'm putting it in writing that this is my burial outfit.

Black Swan Style
This whimsical and retro midi skirt covered with black swans is the perfect mix of fun and fancy. It's one of my favorite pieces I own and looking at this photo is a good reminder to bust it out more often!

Long Summer Kimono
This is one of my first outfit posts, right in the heyday of festival style and flower crowns. It's so nostalgic to look back at these early photos. Also, do I need to grow my hair out and go red again, because I really miss it when I look at this pic!

Gingham Garden Party
This gingham look just screams summer to me. Like Jodi said, it's fun to push your boundaries when blogging and adding this large sun hat was a fun way for me to up my summer ensemble game.

Molly's Whimsical DIY Wedding
Like Jodi, it was so fun to recount my wedding day and break it down for a blog post!

Not Your Grandma's Ruffles 
This very retro look was a fun one for me. I wanted to style a beehive hairdo with a big bow while still keeping an edge, and I'm thrilled with the way this black and white look turned out!

Typically I go for more structured looks, but I was loving the retro embroidery vibes on this dress. I stepped outside of my comfort zone in the fit department, but I couldn't be more happy with how it ended up working into my wardrobe.

I took this 4th of July outfit on the "KC Star Wall" in Kansas City. It was a fun way to make the background in a photo shine.

Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with us. What a fun evolution it's been!

Jodi + Molly


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