Friday, March 30, 2018

Gingham Days

It's the most glorious time of the year...time to bust out your gingham for spring and summer! I just scored this top recently and have been itching to wear it. Since it's still a tad chilly here in the Midwest, I did a slightly different version of this outfit here

I am so ready to wear fun and dramatic pieces this spring. Is it just me, or is it easier to wear bold clothes and accessories and take a risk when you don't also have to bundle up in a winter coat? 

What are you excited to wear this spring?

Pants (similar)


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ask Mod Circus

What are the best styles for different body types? Can all body types dress trendy?

It’s a proven fact that ALL body types can dress trendy and current. That being said, some styles look best on certain body types, while others work well for everyone. Also, not all trends are created equal, nor should you feel the need to buy a trend just because it’s everywhere. The key is figuring out what your body type is and then finding what flatters you, while still expressing your personality.

Body types are like people in that each one is unique, however, there are a handful that can help you get started with determining your type. This article does a great job of explaining the different body types and what to buy for each.

For us, we both have very different body types, however, we have a few “universal” rules that we stick to when getting dressed. For starters, we try to keep everything balanced. For example, if you’re wearing an item that has a lot of bulk, it’s a great idea to add some height by wearing a heel, or giving the illusion of an elongated leg, if you haven’t already been genetically blessed with those. Jodi is on the short side (shocker we know, since her husband’s photography skills make it look like she is an Amazon ;) ), so she likes to elongate her legs by keeping a clean line from the hip down. For example, she might wear a long wide leg trouser with a heel, or black skinny jeans with a simple monochrome heel. We also like to accentuate the waist whenever possible. This is something ALL body types can do because everyone has a waist! For us, fit and flare dresses, belted high waisted jeans with cropped tops, and jackets that nip us in at the waist are a must!

I like to shop at thrift stores and vintage clothing stores. What is your suggestion for shopping 
for fresh/current pieces?

We LOVE vintage shopping! Jodi talked all about her history of vintage/ thrift store shopping here and showcased a caftan that she had since high school. Obviously, vintage and thrift stores are perfect if you’re looking for specific pieces or retro/vintage items. However, thrift stores are also a great place to find classic pieces that stand the test of time. Classic style is just what it sounds like, it will stand the test of time and never go out of style. So, when shopping in these stores, be sure to look for items like classic cut blazers and jackets (streamlined with no extra frills), cardigans, button up shirts, little black dresses in classic cuts (again, no frills, wrap dresses and fit and flare dresses, or button up shirt dresses are perfect), straight leg or bootcut pants and jeans, etc. A lot of people also donate to thrift stores once a year, or more frequently, so you will also have a good chance of finding newer pieces if you visit your local shop on a regular basis. We know a lot of people who find great pieces all the time at thrift stores!

As for vintage stores, be sure to keep an eye out for retro pieces that are currently trending like berets, ruffle sleeves and graphic black and white patterns. See the vintage top Molly found below that fits in with current trends that have circled back around!

How can I even think about my spring wardrobe when it's still so cold out? And what's the best way to dress for the extreme temperature ranges we're experiencing?

That's a great question and we totally feel you with this crazy midwestern weather! I can't remember where I heard it, but there's a saying that when you feel sick or not 100%, putting more effort into your outfit can help elevate your mood. In these cold days of spring when we're all a little off, wearing bright and fun colors can really help perk you up. Grabbing sweaters in pretty pastels and bright colors and scarves that are springy and floral can both keep you warm and look seasonally on point.

As for days with big temperature fluctuations, layering is going to be your best friend! If it's really chilly in the morning, a light weight sweater layered with a fitted blazer is perfect for keeping warm without a heavy winter coat. There are also a ton of light jackets available that are a must for this time of year, especially for the random rainstorms that seem to pop up unannounced. Speaking of rainstorms, low cut rain boots will help keep your feet dry while still looking stylish and oh so springy! See how Jodi layered a floral dress to make a super springy but warm look below as well as some other great options!

Can you mix brown and black/blue? It used to be a huge don't, but is it still?

Great news, it is no longer a don't! Maybe it's the rise in black jeans, or people just wanting to rebel, but you can now mix brown and black or blue and black, or any combination just as easily as you can now wear white shoes after Labor Day.

A simple way to ease into this trend is with basic brown shoes that are almost neutral and black jeans.  You can also start by mixing a lighter shade of brown, like camel, with black. Once you see how well the combo works, we think you'll be hooked. There are also lots of purses and shoes now that mix black and brown in one product. So, if you get a black shoe with a brown wooden sole, you're free to mix either black or brown into the ensemble, since they're both already in there! As for mixing black and blue, that is one of our favorite color combos and there's no shortage of clothing and accessories that mix these two colors together! Below is a way that Jodi styled black and blue recently!

Can moms wear mom jeans?

OF COURSE THEY CAN! Moms can do anything they want! ;) Seriously though, we’re seeing a rise in high waisted and “mom” style jeans on blogs and on the runway. If you're not familiar with the term, "mom jeans, " here's a great breakdown how they differ from "boyfriend jeans" and "girlfriend jeans." They typically have a high waist, making your bum look longer and flatter with a relaxed zipper and often feature destroyed features and a cropped fit.

The key is finding a pair that flatters your body type, and pairing it with a top that balances out the outfit. For example, a pair of dark wash mom jeans with a tucked in striped tee and a blazer thrown over the top is a super classic and put together look. Want to know our secret ingredient to high waisted jeans? A great belt! We find that a belt with medium thickness and a simple front is the key to looking put together in your mom jeans. Here's another article about some great ideas to style them!

Below are some of our favorite cuts of mom jeans, but we especially love those with embellishments so the look is elevated a little or fancier if you're worried about them looking too casual, like Molly's styling them below.

Red Ruffles and Pearls

Monday, March 26, 2018

Floral Sequins

Maybe we can't quite say that spring has sprung, but can we say that spring is springing? It may not be totally warm outside yet, but I'm loving longer days and the promise of flowers blooming on the horizon. We recently came out with our 2018 Spring Trends Report and are just itching to be able to wear all of our new favorite styles. One of the our favorite trends is sequins, so I've decided to dive headfirst into that for today's post!

Sequins never really went out of style, but mostly shone (literally lol) for holiday parties and fancy occasions. However, this season, they've worked their way into the mainstream, shimmering on jackets and hats, fanny packs and t-shirts, and everyday items that just need a little pizazz. 

I snagged this heavily sequined tee from the Zara winter sale, and unfortunately, it's all sold out now. But, don't worry, there are lots of sequin and floral options out there that are also full of sparkle. I've linked them below!

To balance out the super feminine sparkles and flowers, I paired them with H&M black skinny jeans that I made into mullet jeans using Jodi's tutorial. White platform oxfords were the perfect way to cap off the look with an edgy '90s flair, and these shoes are honestly my new go-to weekday kicks.  

Hot pink tassel earrings and a hot pink lip finished off the loud look on the even louder background from The Photo Playhouse. Now, I can't wait to wear short sleeves on a daily basis. Any day now would be fine with me!


 Outfit Details: 
Sequin Top (similar here and here)
Platform Oxfords (similar)
Belt (size down!)
Earrings (similar)


Friday, March 23, 2018

Wear it Two Ways: Polka Dots

As we reported in our Spring Trends 2018 blog post, polka dots are going to be BIG this spring. They've always been a classic, but this season, you'll see them in every size, shape and style imaginable. You've probably already seen them popping up here and there as retailers start to roll out their spring collections. Since they are SO versatile, you really can't go wrong when you are styling them. Below, we show you our take on two different ways to rock your dots this spring! 


I think my absolute favorite way to wear polka dots is in dress form. I actually got this dress last year, but I've seen similar ones out and about already, so I will link those below! I always love a good retro silhouette, but this dress mixes modern touches with a classic, chic cut which feels fresh and interesting. 

I was feeling very Parisian in my dress, so I kept with the modern vibe and paired it with these architectural Mary Janes and this bucket tote with mismatched handles. I didn't plan on it, but the handles on my bag match the mismatched heels on my shoes (one is a circle, the other a square)! 

I can't wait to wear this dress, and ALL the polka dot dresses, this spring! I will definitely be seeing spots over the next few months. :) 

Outfit details:
Dress (old from Topshop, super similar here)
Bag (sold out, love this and this)  


While I love dots of all sorts, I'm especially going gaga over big polka dots which have a decidedly '80s feel to them. I paired this polka dot midi skirt with an off-the-shoulder ruffle top to play up that throwback vibe even more. 

Ok, at this point, you could throw on a bright red lip and stilettos and chunky black shoes for a classic retro look, but I decided to modernize it by adding some neutrals to the bold black and white. 

Terra cotta colored mules and lips modernize the look and a trendy olive beret helps tie in the earth tones again. This beret actually belonged to my great-grandma, but I've linked an almost identical one below! Funny how you can modernize a look with a vintage piece, huh? That's the cycle of fashion for you!

Polka dots are basically the most classic pattern there is, but it's so exciting to see them in such new and refreshing ways this season! Happy polka dotting!

Outfit Details:
Shoes (similar)
Beret (vintage but similar handmade version here)
Lip color

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spring Trends 2018

This week, we officially made it to spring! There's still a chill in the air where we are, but we just can't wait any longer for one of our very favorite blog segments: a roundup of our favorite trends for the season! There's still lots of overlap from spring and summer last year (we're not trying to get a whole new wardrobe here) so we'd like to give a special shoutout to big shoulders, mules, and sheer material, which you will still be seeing everywhere this season. Without further ado, we bring you The Official Mod Circus Spring Trends 2018 Report!

Rainbow Stripes
Whether these stripes are actually ROYGBIV or some variation, bright stripes are hot! From dresses to pants, to sweaters inspired by the Gap ones we used to wear in the 90s, you will find this trend everywhere. My (Molly's) husband got a few sweaters with rainbow stripes across the chest this winter and he's gotten tons of compliments from the college students he teaches. He was kind of surprised and asked, is this like a really cool sweater? Yes, I'd say if you beat us to the trend report, it's a really cool sweater. 

It almost pains us to say this, but move over blush, there's a new pastel in town. Her name is lavender. You'll see the life of this springy shade far beyond Easter this year to the point where it will become a new neutral. It's creeping into home decor, home organization, and obviously, every type of wearable item too!

10. Sandals
11. Tote

The transparent trend is a really fun and futuristic look that will be perfect for spring and summer. It can look effortlessly chic and cool or sleek and feminine. The only thing we're slightly nervous about? Having to keep a transparent purse 100% organized since everything will be on display. But don't worry, we're up to the challenge. 

3. Purse
9. Belt

Sequins have been around since the beginning of time (we totally saw some sequins in those cave drawings in art history class in college), but we typically see them around the holidays and in the winter. Well, they are sticking around for spring and summer this year! You will see these paired with other trends on this list (ahem, fanny packs, polka dots, and fringe), but you will also see them in just about every other form too, from shoes and accessories, to formal wear and casual tops, just to name a few. 

Fancy Fanny Packs
We know what you're thinking. Fanny packs are so 90's! That's the point! Designers are still obsessed with everything 90's, so fanny packs and belt bags are back with a vengeance. I (Jodi) have to admit, I was a little skeptical of this trend at first. However, when I saw how chic the belt bags are that are hitting stores, I was completely won over! You can go the "classic" route with a typical canvas fanny pack, or you can pick up a small, sleek belt bag this spring. Plus, the idea of being completely hands free at various festivals, concerts, and other fun summer activities is very tempting! 

This is one trend that has been cycled through designer's shows every few years for quite some time, and feels like it never really went out of style. However, this year it's back in a BIG way. You will find it on your "typical" fringe pieces, like jackets, western inspired tops and coats, flapper inspired dresses, etc., but you will also find it on sandals, beach bags, and as a fun accent on other spring/summer accessories and clothes! 

8. Mules 

Polka Dots
Marc Jacobs said it best, "There is never a wrong time for a polka dot" and we could not agree more! This classic design is about to EVERYWHERE. The best part is, you can rock your dots any way you want and in any color you want. You will see classic black and white dots on dresses, tops, and pants, but we're excited to try polka dots in different colors and with other embellishments (hello sequined polka dots!) thrown into the mix as well!

Which trends are you most excited to wear this spring? 


Monday, March 19, 2018

Floral and Leather

We're embarking on that magical time of year when spring is beginning to peek its head around the corner, but there is still a chill in the air. I love these transition times because it gives me an opportunity to think outside the box as far as outfit planning. It also gives me an opportunity to layer, which is my favorite thing to do! 

I picked up this floral maxi dress late last summer, but didn't get a chance to wear it before fall hit. It's almost like getting a new dress all over again! I love the pinks, reds, and greens in the dress. A green leather jacket helps to add warmth while also bringing out the pops of green in the dress. 

The swoosh factor on this dress is ah-maz-ing as well. A bold pink lip and neutral accessories finishes off the whole look. 

Are you ready for spring? What's your favorite thing to wear during winter to spring transition time? 

Jacket (similar, similar)


Friday, March 16, 2018

Molly's St. Patrick's Day Style: Green with Envy

If you know us, you know we don't play around when it comes to a theme. And St. Patrick's Day is one theme we definitely don't take lightly. As Jodi mentioned in her totally fab St. Paddy's day post, her heritage is mostly Irish, and though I have yet to do a DNA test, I know that a lot of my family came from Ireland as well. I've been wearing green all week gearing up for St. Patrick's day, but this dress is making my green sweaters green with envy.

I've been trying on a lot of midi dresses lately, but most haven't been too flattering. However, when I tried this baby on, I knew it would be coming home with me. The cinched detail on the bust pulls the shape of the dress in and really gives some shape to the bodice of the dress. The long sleeves and shoulder pads (yes, shoulder pads!) play up the 80's vibe that is actually just now becoming the 2018 vibe. 

Though the cut of the dress is conservative, it has slits on the leg and the fabric is form-fitting, so it's equal parts business and fun. Speaking of fun, I snagged this green sequin clutch from Horticulture KC in their vintage collection, but I've linked some similar purses below. 

I'm also loving these fishnet booties to add a mix of texture and pattern into basically any ensemble, and I think they balance out the wild green pattern beautifully. 

Oh, and speaking of '80s, large geometric earrings are on their way to being everywhere! I love these giant black scalloped earrings that are just enough '80s with a touch of art deco. I dressed them up here, but I think they'd be a fun fancy addition to a more casual look as well. 

Well, I'm off to get geared up for celebrating 'ol St. Pat. We're planning on hitting up a parade and some local bars with friends. I may or may not bust out my dance moves at some point during the day. Will you be celebrating? Let us know what you're up to in the comments!


Fishnet Booties (similar)
Clutch (vintage but similar here)

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