Friday, February 23, 2018

Wear it Two Ways: Workout Wear

Working out and staying physically active is a big priority for both of us. Our 9 Tips for Forming Healthy Habits post last month was really well-received, so we thought, why not tie health and wellness into what this blog is mostly about: having fun with fashion! Enter today's sporty Wear it Two Ways.

We've each styled a workout outfit, because we believe working out is about 642% easier when you're looking sharp. (Personal experience, not scientific.) In all seriousness, when you feel comfortable and confident, we believe it can give you that extra boost to push through your workout and crush your goals!


Last year, I spoke about my workout routine that was a mixture of cardio and weight training. A few months ago, I found myself really struggling to get through my workouts because I was bored beyond belief! I decided to switch things up and found 30 minute HIIT workouts that I can do online. It's still a mixture of cardio and weight training, but I have found that it's made a huge difference! It's super high intensity, but short and sweet, which fits into my schedule better. 

I am all about feeling comfortable in my workout wear. For me, there is nothing more distracting than worrying about your pants riding up, or your tank top straps not staying in place. I tend to lean more toward high waist leggings because they are super flattering, plus I don't have to worry about yanking my pants up every time I do a burpee! 

I do enjoy colorful workout pieces, however, I also really love an all black ensemble. Especially in the winter. It's slimming and easy to put together when sometimes the last thing you want to do is venture out to exercise. 

I really love the mesh cutouts and thumb holes on this crop top. It also pairs really well with high waisted workout leggings! 

Between my new workouts, and making an effort to eat low-carb, low-sugar meals (most of the time ;) ) , I am feeling better than ever! Of course, cute workout clothes also help with that feeling. :)

Crop top (also really love this top!)
Sports bra (similar)
Leggings (similar)


Last year around this time, I was really getting into the groove of Bar Method here in KC, which worked my upper body strength (and also every other muscle) like nothing I'd ever experienced before. Since that time, I've stuck with it and worked my way up to taking a lot more of the challenge options, typically doing all (60 or so) pushups per class up on the balls of my feet, (no more girl pushups for this girl!) and going to at least 3 classes a week. 

Like Jodi, I can 100% get behind an all-black ensemble for my workouts. I mean, you'll always match! Lately though, I've really been working to spice up my workout wardrobe and I've been adding a lot more fun colors, patterns and cuts into the mix. I'm loving midi bras, which are sports bras that are longer and can also function as a top! They work extra well with high waisted pants.

One thing that's really helped me up my workout wear game is Fabletics. I mentioned it in our Five Friday Faves post, but it's obviously worth mentioning here as well. It's the athletic wear company started by Kate Hudson, which has a VIP membership program with new ensembles coming out every month. Kind of like Blue Apron or other subscription services, you do have to cancel if you don't want to get charged for the month, but you can easily cancel before the 5th of the month if that's the case. I've been really impressed with the quality of their leggings and their fun tops, like the midi bra I'm wearing. 

I do know I was tentative to join Fabletics until I'd personally talked to a few people who had signed up, so let me know if you have any questions at all and I can answer them!

Other than exercising and trying to move when I can, I've also moved to eating at least a few vegetarian meals a week and incorporating tons of veggies and filling grains like bulgur, quinoa and brown rice with my protein (extra loving lentils lately!) I've said it before and I'll say it again, how insane is it that what you fuel your body with makes a difference?! It seems so simple, but I am from the Show-Me state, so sometimes I just have to see the change in myself to believe it works! ;)

Outfit Details:
Floral Leggings: in hot pink here, similar here and here
Sneakers (similar)


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  1. Wow, these workout apparels look awesome and your ideas of wearing those in different ways are really interesting. I too have well fitted beyond yoga leggings in patterns and would love to style those using your ideas. I loved the second look in all black and might go for that as well.


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