Monday, February 12, 2018

My Fuzzy Valentine

Did you make homemade valentines growing up? There's not much I loved more than my mom pulling out those craft boxes and getting to work making them for my entire class from scratch. From writing new "roses are red..." poems every year to painstakingly cutting out victorian characters and gluing them onto doilies, then onto folded red cardstock, making these unique creations were SO FUN. Basically every one had to be embellished with little pearls, glitter, little foam hearts or flowers. 

That's kind of the approach I took with this cozy Valentines outfit I put together. I started with a hot pink eyelash sweater (that's what this fuzzy chenille-type material is called, and seriously, eyelash material is the coziest, softest stuff ever!). I just love the bell sleeve details on this sweater too, and I've linked a couple similar styles below. Ok, so that's my base card. Time to embellish with pearls: enter pearl-studded jeans. 

Gold fishnet socks and a fun floral hair comb are the next level of icing on this mult-tiered valentine cake. Hair accessories, from bright scrunchies to giant metal barrettes, will be EVERYWHERE this spring, and I am here for all of it. Finishing touches of hot pink lipstick and pink sunglasses ensure you don't miss the fact that this is a valentines look (as if that was possible lolz).

Black heels make the look a little more fit for an evening look, while 100% still playing into the '80s vibe going on. I feel ready for my next meeting of The Babysitters Club, TBH. And I look like an actual valentine. I'm my own funny fuzzy valentine!

 Do you dress up for Valentine's day? Do you go low-key, or super dressy? Let us know what you're planning to wear in the comments!


Outfit Details:
Pink Sweater (similar here and here)
Pearl Jeans (similar here and here)

Floral Hair Comb (in a 2-color pack on super sale!)

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