Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Funny Valentine Printables

We may no longer be in gradeschool with valentine mailboxes and perfectly chosen valentines for everyone in the class (especially your BFF and crush), but we're still suckers for Valentine's Day. If you're into the mushy stuff, that's cool, but mostly we like wearing lots of pink and red, eating tons of chocolate, and giving shoutouts to our partner and galentines.

That's why we've created some custom valentines for you to send to those special people you'd like to recognize. We also look up to Leslie Knope more than just about anyone, so we had to use her quote for our galentine card, especially seeing as she invented the holiday. Choose from Leslie's wise words or a fineapple valentine below, just scroll down for the links!

To download the printable cards, click below:

To download the editable PDF (if you're looking to fill out the to/from on your computer), click below:


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