Wednesday, January 3, 2018

I'm Blue

Well, it happened. The holidays ended and now we're stuck in a frigid tundra, better known as the Midwest. It's literally so cold here that you can't be outside longer than a few minutes, unless you want frostbite that is. So, to make things a little more bearable, I say wear your holiday sparkles right on into the new year! Nothing brightens a frigid day like a little bit of glitz and glam (or that's what I am choosing to believe anyway)! 

This beaut of a top has marvelous puffy shoulders and has the most beautiful blue shimmer. I paired it with high waisted cropped jeans that show off my white booties quite well, which kept with the sparkly theme. 

Now, let's all think really warm thoughts and maybe we can blast these super cold temperatures right on out of here! 

Booties (similar)


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