Friday, November 10, 2017

Seeing Stars

Even though I've proclaimed my passion for bright colors in the recent past, I will always have a love for black. Sometimes it's extremely difficult to not dress head to toe in black, especially on cold, rainy days. To break up the monochrome void of darkness, I at least try to mix in a print. This season, the star print is super popular, which is great because I happen to love a star print. This dates back to my tween days when I decked my ceiling out in glow in the dark stars and painted the walls of my bedroom midnight blue and stamped stars in gold paint on top (maybe I should have been an astronomer if I wasn't so horrible at math). 

I really love this ruffle wrap dress that I recently purchased. It's the perfect mix of feminine and funky. Since it's pretty low cut, I layered a strappy tank underneath, which also helped give it a little bit of depth and made the whole look more interesting.  

I also paired a huge fedora, black tights and boots with this look, for that witchy chic look that I am always striving for. ;) 

Are you into star print or is there another print that you're drawn to? 

Fedora (similar)


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