Friday, November 17, 2017

Jodi's Thanksgiving Style

As you probably know by now, we're super into velvet this year. Like, really into it. I feel like everything I have purchased lately is velvet, and I ain't mad about it! I found this gorgeous dark green velvet tuxedo jacket recently and immediately knew I needed to style it for Thanksgiving.

This year for Thanksgiving, my husband and I are hosting all of our families for the very first time in our new home. It's equal parts nerve wracking and exciting. I've put my husband in charge of cooking the turkey because he is way better in the kitchen than I am. I'm sticking to what I know best, signature cocktails, desserts, and putting together a fabulous outfit! ;) 

I paired this velvet tuxedo jacket with a slinky black slip dress layered with a lacy cami, and velvet green Mary Jane's for a 1920's vibe. My husband told me I looked a little like a Victorian vampire too, which is basically my style goals every day, so win-win. This slip dress is also pretty roomy, so it will be great for when I stuff my face at dinner.

Do you like to really go all out on your outfit for Thanksgiving or do you prefer comfort over style on turkey day? 

Slipdress (similar)


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