Friday, November 17, 2017

Jodi's Thanksgiving Style

As you probably know by now, we're super into velvet this year. Like, really into it. I feel like everything I have purchased lately is velvet, and I ain't mad about it! I found this gorgeous dark green velvet tuxedo jacket recently and immediately knew I needed to style it for Thanksgiving.

This year for Thanksgiving, my husband and I are hosting all of our families for the very first time in our new home. It's equal parts nerve wracking and exciting. I've put my husband in charge of cooking the turkey because he is way better in the kitchen than I am. I'm sticking to what I know best, signature cocktails, desserts, and putting together a fabulous outfit! ;) 

I paired this velvet tuxedo jacket with a slinky black slip dress layered with a lacy cami, and velvet green Mary Jane's for a 1920's vibe. My husband told me I looked a little like a Victorian vampire too, which is basically my style goals every day, so win-win. This slip dress is also pretty roomy, so it will be great for when I stuff my face at dinner.

Do you like to really go all out on your outfit for Thanksgiving or do you prefer comfort over style on turkey day? 

Slipdress (similar)


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Festive Bar Cart

Boy, do I love a bar cart. In our home, we currently have three bar setups in three different rooms (we're not alcoholics, just like a good cocktail and a great glass of wine). I was actually trying to convince my husband that I needed another one, but he finally put his foot down. I just love the retro, kitschy vibe that they bring to our home, and the fact that they can be styled and dressed up for the holidays and seasons! 

We're hosting Thanksgiving at our new house this year, so I wanted to prepare a perfect Thanksgiving bar cart that also doubled as a dessert station! Since I was limited on space, it took some planning to figure out how to best arrange everything so as to incorporate the dessert aspect, as well as wine for dinner AND our signature cocktail for the evening, which will be a maple bourbon cider punch. 

I used a lot of items that we already had around the house, like delicate fairy lights, autumn leaves, mini pumpkins, a cake stand, bar books, a plaid banner and various barware. I also found the perfect candle to add to the cart to brighten things up a bit! I've recently added a fun cocktail shaker and matching bar tools set that help to tie everything together. 

I separated the top tier and bottom tier by putting all of the wine and liquor on the bottom, as well as wine glasses and the cocktail pitcher that the punch will go in. On the top, I added a cake stand to house the pumpkin pie and the miscellaneous bar items like the cocktail shaker, tools and the ice bucket. 

I'm really excited to show off this bar cart on Thanksgiving! I think it will add just the right amount of fun, warmth and character that we're looking for. How do you add an extra bit of holiday cheer to your parties?  

Cocktail shaker (similar)
Ice bucket (similar)
Cake stand (vintage, similar here)


Monday, November 13, 2017

Sleeves and Thank You

It's no secret that we can't get enough bell sleeves. As long as you don't wear them on a day you hit up the buffet, they will add an instant edge and interest to any ensemble. This black bell sleeve top could easily be styled to look tough and edgy, but I wanted to go for a fun, whimsical look here. 

Enter goofy fun 90s vibes. The first way to 90s up your life in a major way is hairstyle. Sometimes called space buns or party buns, these were all over the 90s and are a fun and playful take on the traditional topknot.

Crazy colorful earrings add to the sparkly 90s girl look. Flares and chunky platform booties simply round the look out. 

What's your favorite way to style a bell sleeve? Would you ever rock party buns?


Outfit Details:
Top (similar)
Flares (similar)
Platform Booties


Friday, November 10, 2017

Seeing Stars

Even though I've proclaimed my passion for bright colors in the recent past, I will always have a love for black. Sometimes it's extremely difficult to not dress head to toe in black, especially on cold, rainy days. To break up the monochrome void of darkness, I at least try to mix in a print. This season, the star print is super popular, which is great because I happen to love a star print. This dates back to my tween days when I decked my ceiling out in glow in the dark stars and painted the walls of my bedroom midnight blue and stamped stars in gold paint on top (maybe I should have been an astronomer if I wasn't so horrible at math). 

I really love this ruffle wrap dress that I recently purchased. It's the perfect mix of feminine and funky. Since it's pretty low cut, I layered a strappy tank underneath, which also helped give it a little bit of depth and made the whole look more interesting.  

I also paired a huge fedora, black tights and boots with this look, for that witchy chic look that I am always striving for. ;) 

Are you into star print or is there another print that you're drawn to? 

Fedora (similar)


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Molly's Tropical Guest Room Makeover

If you follow us on Instagram, you've probably seen some snapshots of my guest room makeover, and I'm so excited to give you the full tour today! This is the first room I'm sharing in our new house and it straight up just makes me happy. I still smile every time I glance down the hallway. That's what I love about decorating. It has serious power to transform a space and your feelings about a space in such a major way.

In May, my husband and I moved into a 1940s ranch in Kansas City, and I'm giving it the full midcentury modern treatment. The home is somewhat outdated, so we're taking the time to repaint all the woodwork, freshen up coats of paint and painstakingly scrape off popcorn ceilings by hand. (As much I I don't recommend scraping popcorn ceilings for a fun activity, it looks SO much better after they're down.) We also got brand new carpet in the bedrooms and we've gone from sad old carpet to actually walking on a dream.

The bedrooms aren't large, but we want them to have a lot of character. I knew I wanted to make our guest room a total tropical retreat with a clean modern feel. We got a few samples of tropical wallpaper, and ended up with this wallpaper that we absolutely love. The quality is amazing and we could not be more thrilled with it. 

Because the wallpaper is such a statement, we went ultra white with everything else. These wood blinds above are the same ones we used in the living room and we love the contrast to the ultra white walls. 

A blush pink is a great accent color to the bright green in the wallpaper and really adds to the retro vibe. We incorporated that in a pillow, a vintage vase and hope to add more pops of it in the future. I live for being extra, so I thought it would be fun to even have a tropical scented glade plug-in in the room. It seriously feels like a getaway when you walk in! We've even joked about "vacationing" in the guest room when it gets cold and gloomy this winter. 

Because we're already putting a tropical pattern smack dab in the Midwest, we thought it would be fun to play off of the travel theme, framing travel prints by Rifle Paper Company to flank a Kansas City print by local artist Kristin Smith. A minimalist lamp, glossy white desk, and acrylic chair add to the ultra modern look of the room. 

We loved how hotel-like our room was becoming, and were so excited to host guests, we got a little changeable marquee sign and spelled out "Hotel Heise" (our last name in case you only know me on a first name basis). We also put together a little host basket with necessities like water bottles, a toothbrush and razor as well as chocolates, granola bars and mints. I always felt like I'd really have my life together when I got to the point of being proud of our guest room and having a goodie basket for our guests. So, guess I'll just retire now, because I've made it. 

In the short time since our guest room has been complete, we've had four guests stay with us and the second one began a fun tradition of leaving "Hotel Heise" a review on the notepad we left on the desk. Totally unsolicited, we had the next guests leave raving reviews. I'd go on, but I'll just let the 5-star words speak for themselves. :) 

(Even a sweater-clad pup thinks this tropical getaway is top notch! )


Room Details: 
Pink pillow (very similar)
Headboard (similar)
Comforter is vintage but similar here


Monday, November 6, 2017

Take My Money Monday

Happy Monday! We're excited that it is finally starting to feel like fall, AND the holiday season is right around the corner! We've rounded up our current obsessions below and are hoping that these beauties find their way into our mailboxes soon. 

Molly's List

I am 110% percent all about cozy, comfy style. I think because we kind of skipped early fall weather and dove right from temps in the 70s to the 30s, I'm retreating into anything that feels like a straight up blanket. I'm loving sweaters with a fun spin like a knotted front, pearl details, and bell sleeves and blouses and coats that are oversized and flowy.

1. Pink Faux Fur Wrap
2. Bejeweled Booties
3. Oversized Plaid Coat
4. Black Ruffled Sweater
5. Red Bell Sleeve Sweater
6. Gray Knotted Sweater
7. Blue Balloon Sleeve Sweater
8. Frilled Floral Blouse
9. Long Tassel Earrings

Jodi's List 

If it's not super obvious from the collage above, I am super into velvet and bright colors right now! I'm hoping that the combination of colorful clothes and soft fabrics will keep me cozy and cheerful right through the rest of fall and beginnings of winter. 


Friday, November 3, 2017

Fall Recipe Roundup

The temperature is dropping steadily as the days get shorter and shorter. This time of year calls for staying indoors and getting cozy! What better way to get comfy than with comfort food and cocktails? We've rounded up our favorite fall recipes for you right here in one spot so you can spend less time searching and more time relaxing by the fire! Click the links below each picture for the recipe. Let us know which is your favorite!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Shine On

If you saw my post on Kansas City Fashion week, you've likely already seen this ensemble. Even still, I thought this look was so fun it deserved its very own post! I picked this top up at a sale from Andrea Marie Long Designs and knew that KCFW would be a perfect place to wear it since that's where it graced the runway a few seasons back! (If you want to snag a unique piece of your own, be sure to check out her upcoming sale at KC Wineworks on December 1st!)

Hardcore metallics are so in right now, and not just for the holidays. We even picked high shine as one of our favorite Fall Trends this year. Scroll down to #2 here to see lots more inspiration. Even in super casual cuts, metallics can really take your look to the next level.

I thought bell flare pants were a fun way to give the outfit a retro feel and gave off kind of a disco vibe. With feathers on the shoulders (feathers are also having a major moment rn), I was getting Greek goddess vibes, so I decided to reinforce that with a braided hairstyle. 

While living this disco goddess life, I was asked multiple times at the show if I was a model or if I'd been up on the runway, so I will call this a total fashion week success.

Don't forget to check out Andrea Marie Long's upcoming sale at KC Wineworks on December 1st! Hope to see you there!

Shine on!

Bell Flare Pants (similar)
White Booties (similar)
Sunglasses (similar

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