Friday, July 28, 2017

Wear it Two Ways: Poolside Style

Have we mentioned how hot it is outside? Like 7 inches from the midday sun hot. What better way is there to stay cool than hitting up a pool? And, while you're getting cool, you might as well look cool! For today's Wear it Two Ways, we're styling out favorite poolside items, from cover ups to swimwear, for some inspiration for your feel cool/look cool combo. Though, we would argue there's no better pool accessory than confidence. And sunscreen. Confidence and sunscreen. And maybe a swan floatie.


Despite the fact that my skintone might be only one shade darker than printer paper, I have been getting out into the sun this summer (always slathered in sunscreen of course)!

I fell in love with this cover up the second I saw it at Donna's Dress Shop. I wanted a new cover up to take on our vacation to Destin, and this one was a home run with its tassels, pom poms and mix of neon and pastel colors. I also love that it has longer sleeves, so if you're getting too much sun, you can easily throw it on and protect your shoulders.

It just so happened that Donna's also had a black tassel sunhat that's tag said it was able to be flattened and crunched while packing, and had sun protection comparable to 20 SPF, so I was doubly sold. Triply sold if you count the tassels. And I will because look at them.

Before my Destin trip, I ordered nearly a dozen swimsuits from ASOS to try on (they have free returns, so I love buying tons of options and returning what doesn't work). I ended up keeping three and this one might just be my favorite. The fun ruffle and pastel color are so nice and summery and the fit is great.

I've paired the top with these cheeky bottoms and high waisted bottoms alike and they both work well. Ah, I love versatility. Now back to lounging.

Cover Up (similar)
Sun Hat (similar)


I've really been into caftans lately. They are slowly, but surely taking over my wardrobe. So, when I saw this amazing blue and white caftan, I knew I had to have it. Plus, it has pom poms so how could I say no? 

To me, a caftan is the perfect swimsuit cover up because it's effortlessly chic and glamorous, while being incredibly simple to wear. This one is light and airy too, which makes it perfect for staying cool in the heat. 

I've also been digging high waisted bottoms mixed and matched with different tops this season. You already know how much we love gingham, so when I saw these gingham high waisted bottoms, I snatched them up! They go perfectly with my caftan too. What's your go-to poolside/beach/laying out in the backyard get up? 


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