Friday, April 28, 2017

Wear it Two Ways: Lucite Heels

You probably already know that we are going gaga over lucite heels this season! We first mentioned them in our spring trends post and they have been popping up all over the place the past few months. They come in every shape and style imaginable, from booties to lace up sandals and everything in between! Here, we each styled a different pair of lucite heeled shoes to show you just how versatile these babies can be.


I was very intrigued by the idea of a clear bootie with a lucite heel ever since I saw Kendall Jenner wearing them with fishnets and distressed denim. These booties are extremely versatile and can really be worn with just about anything. I chose to style them with my DIY staggered hem jeans and a gingham top to give a bit of edge to an otherwise classic spring outfit. 

As you know, we LOVE gingham here at Mod Circus, so of course I had to get this violet ruffle sleeve top when I saw it. The silhouette is romantic enough to sweeten up my distressed jeans and clear booties.

Another big thing you will be seeing this spring is ring handles on bags. They are a really fun and quirky way to spruce up your average clutch or small bag. 

I've already purchased two more completely different pairs of shoes with lucite heels as well, so I hope this trend sticks around a while! Check out more lucite heel options below! 

Jodi's Outfit Details: Top: Storets, Jeans: Express (DIY here), Bag: Target, Booties: Jane (similar here), Earrings: Kate Spade 


I've only got one pair of lucite heels so far, but I'm loving them. They're nude lace ups, so I feel like they could go with anything! I'm excited to add another pair or two to my collection this summer. They just feel so light and airy and perfect for hot days. 

I went a different direction with my styling and took my lucite heels in a whimsical ethereal direction. This blue lace top is also probably going to get lots of use this summer and I can't wait to wear it with high waisted shorts and skater skirts. 

I'm just loving blush and light blue together (or Rose Quartz and Serenity to my fellow Pantone lovers—who might also note that I'm surrounded by Greenery). With my blush pink hair, I'm basically a dang pastel sandwich. 

Gold flower earrings and a floral cami that's muted by the sheer top add a super springy vibe to my look. Now if only more Springlike weather would stick around here for a bit!

So, what are your thoughts on lucite heels? Do you own any yet or have a certain style you're eyeing for summer? Let us know in the comments!

Molly's Outfit Details: Top: H&M, Skirt (similar), Cami: similar, Shoes: Forever 21, Earrings: The Limited (similar)


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

1 Scarf 5 Ways

Sometimes I get a little stuck in the creative fashion department. I think we all get stuck in a rut from time to time, running to work, to meetings, to dinner, to meet friends, etc. and don't have time to really think outside the box as far as our wardrobe goes. So, last weekend, I challenged myself to think of five different ways to style a small scarf I just got. It was fun and I'm excited to style other scarves I have in different ways too!

First up, I styled this scarf as a choker. Scarves and bandanas as chokers are super big right now and I've been dying to try it out. I will definitely be trying out bandanas as chokers soon too. 

Next up, I styled the scarf as a turban headband! You know we are digging turbans right now and this is the perfect way to keep your hair tame this summer. I just rolled up the scarf and tied it to the front, while tucking the ends into the knot. 

Moving on down the body, scarves make perfect bracelets too! This would also look cute layered with a few bracelets or a watch. 

Last but certainly not least, I styled the scarf on my bag in two ways. The first, I tied a simple knot and let the ends hang loose. The second, I tied the end to the bottom of the handle and wrapped the scarf all the way around and tied the other end. 

Voila! Five super simple ways to style one scarf! I'm excited to experiment more with summery scarves this season. Stay tuned for more looks! 

Outfit details: Scarf: Target, Top: SheIn, Bag: Target


Monday, April 24, 2017

Tiered Pinstripes

I feel like I'm overstating the obvious here, but we cannot get enough of ruffles and pinstripes this season! We knew before Spring had officially hit, we were loving huge sleeves as well, as we called out in our Favorite Spring Trends post, and we're constantly getting more outrageous in our love for them. 

This tiered pinstripe top is the perfect marriage of all of our favs rolled into one. It's wonderfully wild cut is evened out with the classic structured pinstripes. Since it's a total statement piece, I paired it with sleek black bell flares. 

We also pointed out that we're loving mules and slides for this season and baby blue suede shoes are a perfect addition to the ensemble. They're so comfy and versatile, I'm sure you'll being them a lot more over the coming months. 

To mirror the tiered top, I wore tiered tassel earrings that went perfectly with a braided updo. For a vintage flair (duh!), I finished the look with cateye sunglasses and a bright red lip. Now, I'm perfectly ready for a day at work or a date night (as long as I avoid a buffet with these sleeves)! 

Outfit Details: Top: SheIn, Pants: Zara (similar), Shoes: Forever 21 (similar), Sunglasses: Donna's Dress Shop (similar), Earrings: Stella & Dot (similar)

Friday, April 21, 2017


If you know me at all, you know that I love Beyonce. Like, a lot. Basically, I think she can do no wrong. I even have a nameplate on my desk that says "What would Beyonce Do?" When I saw this dress, I immediately recognized that it resembled the dress Beyonce wore in Lemonade and I knew I HAD TO HAVE IT. 

Now, I didn't go around smashing cars with a baseball bat when I wore it (although, I am highly tempted to recreate that video), but I did wear it to Easter brunch. Sorta the same thing, right? I think I would have gotten a restraining order if I rolled up to an Easter egg hunt with a baseball bat though. Although now that I'm thinking of it, it is tempting. 

I've been really getting out of my comfort zone lately and experimenting with bright, bold colors. As someone who has A LOT of black and gray in their closet, this has been a scary thing for me to do. However, since bright colors are in for spring, it's been easy for me to find all sorts of bold items to experiment with. I always thought I couldn't wear certain colors because they would wash me out, but I think it's all about finding the right shade of the color you want to wear. I am really enjoying putting some color into my life, so I think this is definitely something I will continue to do from now on!

Since my dress is a statement piece all on its own, I kept my accessories neutral. My straw wedges and clutch are definitely going to be summer staples, so be warned, you will get sick of seeing them! Gold tassel earrings and a bright pink lip really compliment the yellow and help tie everything together while elevating the whole look. Now, where did I leave that baseball bat? 

Outfit details: Dress: Adelyn Rae, Bag: Cult Gaia, Shoes: Mia, Earrings: H&M


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Kansas City Fashion Week F/W 2017: Part 2

There was so much going on for Kansas City Fashion week, that I had to break up my experience into 2 posts. If you haven't read Part 1 (covering the Media Meet & Greet and Wednesday Runway show) yet, be sure to read it here. For this post, I'll be covering the Bowties & Bubbly event and the Thursday night runway show. 

First up, Bowties & Bubbly was a formal cocktail event hosted at R24 studios in The West Bottoms. It was great to see bloggers I'd met the night before and mix and mingle with folks dressed to the nines. My husband attended as my date, wearing a bowtie custom made for him by KC designer Keefe Cravat. The purple in the bowtie matched my asymmetric dress perfectly! We obvs had to get a photo with props in the photo booth. 

Now, let's head over to the runway show! My look for Thursday evening had to be my favorite outfit for the week.

This sheer floral dress made for a positively ethereal look. My photographer for the week, Chris, counted 21 compliments I got on the dress, just that he overheard while standing with me! 

To play up the natural whimsical vibe, I accessorized with a delicate leaf headband and nude lucite heels. Red lips, to match the red flowers helped make the look a bit more bold, and a loose retro updo added to the timeless look. 

I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel like a dang fairy princess in this dress. I'm not sure when I'll have an occasion to wear it again, but I think I'll just have to create one!

Enough about me, and onto what was on the runway! Let's run through some of my faves for the evening. 

The first designer of the evening, Roger Figueroa (who is still in fashion school!), presented a bold collection filled with androgynous silhouettes, lots of draped fabric, and fun dramatic jewelry on men and women alike. The color palette may have been subdued, but interesting cuts, textures and sheen made the collection anything but drab. 

Next up, Wiki Wang brought us a pieces that were both minimal and extremely feminine. Bell sleeves, clean silhouettes and a touch of glitz made for an avant-garde collection that's still extremely wearable. 

After that, Amanda Casarez mixed structured and organic pieces for a unique collection with a super vintage vibe. Knitwear, Asian-inspired details, and a subdued color palette made for a variety of outfits that came together for a collection that seemed to span decades and continents alike. 

My last favorite from Thursday evening was Lee Jeans, which is headquartered right outside of Kansas City, and was just straight up cool. It gave me a totally different perspective on the company, who showed off how trendy its denim can be, from frayed hems, to tonal patterns, to uneven hemlines. 

This was such a fun-filled week, I'm still reporting on it weeks later here. A huge thanks to Kansas City Fashion Week, LLC to having me cover the shows as part of the media and also huge thanks to my photographer for the week, Chris Yankey. I'm already looking forward to the Spring show this Fall!

Bowties and Bubbly Outfit Details: Dress: ASOS (similar), Earrings: H&M (similar)

Thursday Runway Outfit Details: Dress: SheIn, Shoes: Forever 21, Purse: H&M (similar), Headband: H&M (similar), Fox Earrings: Chloe + Isabel (similar)

Photos by: Chris Yankey

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