Friday, December 30, 2016

2017 New Year's Resolution Printable

Happy New Year! Hope everyone is having a great holiday season! And, as we all know, a great holiday season often means our wallets may be a bit emptier, our clothes a little tighter, and our routines out-of-whack. It may be cliché to write up New Year's resolutions, but we think that writing them down helps make them more intentional and gives a nice visual reminder. So, we came up with a downloadable printable for you to get your thoughts down on paper (link at bottom of post). We think it's easier to come up with resolutions for categories of our lives to help cover different areas of improvement, because for us specific goals work much better than broad, vague ones.

I wrote down some that may not seem like concrete life-changing goals, but just make me happier by spending time with friends and family. Like making a from scratch dinner together at least once a week or hosting a girls' night. I have some serious ones too, but this shouldn't be chore, just reminders of goals or things you'd like to improve!

What's one thing you've resolved to do this year? Do you ever set fun resolutions for yourself?

The link to download is here.

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