Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How to Style a Faux Bob

Who's getting excited that Halloween is right around the corner? I do love to go all out with making costumes (see my Moonrise Kingdom outfits from last year's post here), but I can definitely appreciate using items in your closet to throw something simple together, too. That works especially well for wearing something to work without feeling too goofy!

For those times when your hair is long but you need it to be short (think flapper, Madeline, Amelie, or any other short-haired gal, really), but you don't want to go all out with a wig, you're in luck! Fake it til you make it, ladies! I'm here to give you the breakdown on how to style your long hair so it looks like it's short. Heck, you could style this for a night out, no need for a Halloween occasion.

1. Start with curled hair. This is optional, but will help create a more realistic looking bob. No need to make it perfect, most of it will be pinned up. If you have fine hair, I'd definitely recommend spritzing it with some texturizing or wax spray at this point too.

2. Divide your hair into an upper and lower section and tie the upper section up to get it out of your way. Roll the lower section into a wide, flat bun and pin in place with at least 4 bobby pins. This will give you a good base to secure the rest of your pins to!

3. Backcomb the underneath section of your hair to give it some body and help hold the bob shape.

4. Divide your top section of hair into about five sections. Curl each section under so the bottom loop is the desired length you'd like the bob to be. It may be easiest to put the bobby pin on the end of your hair first, then secure it, rather than blindly trying to secure the hair once it's curled underneath. Pin the sections one by one into the hair that's pulled up underneath until all of the sections are pinned up.

5. Use a curling iron to slightly curl the hair at the end of the "bob" outward to make it look more natural.

6. Hairspray the ever loving lulu out of your hair and be sure to shake your head back and forth to see if any pieces fall out. If so, keep pinning until everything is totally secure.

Below is a shot from this post that shows a version without the backcombing, so it curls closer around the face.

Another variation from this post shows a version without curling it first, if you opt for that route!

While we're talking about it, see other general Halloween inspired looks we've styled last year here and here if you're looking for a less costume-y look!


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