Monday, September 19, 2016

Romping in Burgundy

So, I was planning to style this fun corduroy overall romper for fall in today's post. Maybe with tall boots or long sleeves... but when the time rolled around, it was just way too hot out for all that. As we keep saying, this time of year sure can be tricky to style for, but it is possible to dress for fall when temps are still in the '80s!

I'm in love with the deep burgundy color and corduroy material, which make the romper perfectly autumnal. The color burgundy, which is decidedly more red than maroon, actually comes from the color of red wine that comes out of Burgundy, France. This gorgeous old building near where we live reminds me of places I've seen in Europe, so, for the purpose of this post, I think I'll pretend I'm wearing Burgundy while in Burgundy (and maybe also drinking Burgundy?). Until I walked home anyway. 

A striped mockneck tank could easily be swapped out for a long sleeve top of the same style when temps get a bit cooler. To play up the playful vibe of the romper, I went with puffy lace socks and flatform oxfords. This combo made for an edgy but feminine take on a schoolgirl look. 

Dark lips, that mirror the romper color, also add to the fall feeling. Speaking of mirror, how amazing are these mirrored geometric sunglasses? I snagged them from Donna's Dress Shop here in KC for $10! They take me right back to everything hologram from the '90s, but they also feel so edgy and modern. 

It may still feel like summer, but this edgy '90s romper look will have you looking ready for fall! And just a touch French, of course, too. Au revoir! 


Outfit Details: Overall Romper: H&M, Mockneck tank: Gap, Socks: from a boutique in Japan (similar here and here), Shoes: Target (similar), Lip color: Revlon, Sunglasses: Donna's Dress Shop


  1. Such a pretty outfit! I have to say burgundy is my favorite fall color. Also, those Japanese socks are to die for! I'm a fan!


    1. Thanks so much! Isn't is crazy how much burgundy just screams fall?



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