Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Overnight Curls

This is one of those tutorials I ran across years ago on Pinterest that I really use! It's perfect for a Sunday night to Monday morning, because Mondays are rough, and you can simply wake up looking like you got up all early and made an effort to look nice. It'll be our little secret that you slept through your alarm and most of the work was really done in your PJs Sunday night between eating Chinese food and watching Netflix. ;)

All you need is an elastic headband, a few minutes before bed and a good night's sleep. You can also use a curl enhancer or texturing spray if you have super fine straight hair like me, but that's not required. OK, let's get to it!

To prepare, let your hair air dry. If you'd like, spray with a curl enhancer or texturizing spray. I love Garnier's Wonder Waves. A few spritzes help hold the style in place. 

1. Place an elastic headband around the crown of your head. If you don't have bangs, this could sit down on the top of your forehead, but that looks real weird with fringe. Divide your hair in half down the back and brush to the front of either side of your shoulder, so the halves are relatively even. 

2. Take a small section of hair (smaller sections will create smaller curls, larger will make for larger ones) and, while holding the headband in place, loop the hair inwards around the headband and pull taut. 

3. Continue looping uniform sections of hair around headband and hooking them underneath with your index finger, moving to the other side when you're halfway around. You'll take most of the working piece plus a bit of new hair every time, like you're French braiding.

There will inevitably be the awkward moment when the sides meet in the middle, and you're out of room. This is where is helps to have the sides separated, because if you go all willy nilly, it will be really hard to untangle in the morning. Not that I know from experience. Pull the sides apart, guiding them up the headband like an abacus of sorts, to keep tight, and loop remaining hair on the respective sides until complete

4. At this point, you're ready to hit the hay. Though, a bonus of this style is that if you get a call to go out and do something, you could totally show up with your hair like this and no one would bat an eye. These ain't your average curlers. 

5. Wake up! If you're showering, cover your hair with a shower cap, and get ready as usual. Marvel at how well your hair stayed in overnight.

6. Move headband off the front of your head and shake to loosen. You'll then do an unrolling motion with your hands while shaking the curls out.

Manually pull out the curls if there are ones that stick. 

Now I'm not going to pretend you're looking like a Disney princess at this point. I don't know about you, but I always get defeated when whatever I'm doing doesn't look just like the tutorial, but odds are, people skip showing the pictures that aren't glamourous. Well here it is, a curly rat's nest. And that's OK!

7. Take a fine tooth comb and comb the top section of your hair down to the curls to smooth. Then, run your fingers through the curls to separate. 

8. Touch up any pieces that end up with a funky angle or are too straight with a curling iron. We're talking 2 minutes tops. Spritz a little hairspray and you're good to go! 

Having super fine, straight hair, I love how much volume this gives my hair! It's also great because you've saved time by not washing or drying your hair, and styling is done in a flash.

This may look like a lot of steps, but it's really so simple, and I just broke down the things I've had to learn through trial and error to share my insights. I mean, two of the steps are literally sleeping and waking up, so you've already mastered those! 

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