Friday, May 13, 2016

Denim Shift

I'm all about the shift dress silhouette lately. First of all, it feels more casual since it's not form-fitting. Next, the shape has major retro influences, which obviously I love. An added bonus not to be overlooked is that you can eat a gigantic meal without worrying your waistband will get tight! Since it's fairly short, you won't end up looking matronly or frumpy either.
I especially loved the lace up detail on this dark denim number. The lace up style is hot, hot, hot this season, and this is a fun understated way to incorporate it. The stretch denim material is so soft and comfortable, I feel a little like I'm getting away with wearing PJs in public or something. Scandalous. But totally not.
Another trend I'm loving this Spring is wearing bandanas and scarves all rolled up tightly in place of a necklace. A bandecklace? (Brb, going to go trademark that.) For most people, this is a way to jump on the trendy bandwagon without having to invest in anything, because who doesn't have an old bandanna laying around? This haute look comes straight from my husband's sock drawer. ;) A high ponytail helps show off all the detail around the neck.
I'm all about breaking style rules in ways that aren't too outlandish (and sometimes that are the right amount of outlandish), and here did I not only mix black and brown or black and navy, but I wore ALL 3! Take that, fashion police! It works because they're all neutrals, and there aren't any other colors mixed in.
Cutout booties matched my black bandecklace (I mean, it does have a nice ring to it, right?) and helped balance out the large fields of navy and brown. Speaking of which, I'm just loving this bag I snagged from TJ Maxx. It's got a fun cutout pattern, but it's a nice warm brown, which makes it very versatile and not too flashy.
What are your favorite trends you're rocking (or exited to start rocking) this spring?
Outfit Details: Dress: Forever 21 (similar), Booties: Target, Bag: TJ Maxx, Matte lipcolor: Modcloth (similar)


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