Wednesday, January 6, 2016

70's Shine featuring Chloe + Isabel

As Molly mentioned Monday, we recently became aware of Chloe + Isabel jewelry and boy, are we glad we did! We both adore this wide range of jewelry and, unsurprisingly, we were both able to find loads of things we each love. I am currently obsessed with jacket earrings and Chloe + Isabel did not disappoint! I chose the Atlas Convertible Jacket Earrings and have worn them numerous times since I received them. 

I am showing you how I styled these earrings today to tell you about the pop up shop we are hosting with Chloe + Isabel by Julie. During our sale, a lot of the jewelry is on super sale: up to 65% off! AND anyone who makes a purchase through our link will be entered to win a $25 credit of jewelry! 

These earrings go with so many different looks, it was hard to narrow down one to show you. I ended up going with a 70's styled outfit, mostly because I can't stop wearing flared jeans. I picked up this gold accented kimono at Joys by Austin Warren boutique in St. Charles on my visit at the beginning of December. I also wore this look, complete with the earrings, to my husband's casual holiday party for his firm a few weeks back as well. 

The Atlas Convertible Jacket Earrings can be worn two ways. The first is how they're shown here, which is how I have been wearing them most of the time. The second way is just to wear them without the longer back part and just sport the studs. 

As I said earlier, these earrings go with just about any outfit, especially since you can get two styles out of just one earring. I like to think of it as using them to showcase two sides of your personality. One style is well suited for your business side and the other.... suited for your party side. They're basically the mullet of earrings (except, you know, stylish). Business in front, party in the back. Party on Wayne. 

Outfit details: Kimono: Joys by Austin Warren, Blouse: Lush, Flares: Express 



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