Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Modern Take on a Classic Hymn

Today, we've got a little early Christmas gift for you: a downloadable original version of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, the haunting classic hymn. As we've mentioned before, Jodi and I both of have a variety of hobbies from dance to theatre, and one of mine is singing. I don't perform anywhere, it's just mostly for fun (so don't judge too harshly!). My husband, who got a degree in commercial music, is the real talent here. He recorded and played all of the instruments, and mixed this little Christmas song. We tried to create a fresh, modern take on a traditional tune, and we hope you enjoy it!

If you click the link to our Soundcloud account, you can download the song and add it to your music library, if you feel so inclined. Merry Christmas!


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