Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Everyday Contouring

Today I'm going to show you how to do everyday contouring. This isn't the type of contouring where you have to look like a clown before hand or a Kardashian after. This is subtle enough to wear every day while adding dimension and light to your face. Here I am before...

I started off with my BB Cream, foundation and eye makeup done, although normally I would do this contouring step second after the base was down. I should mention as well that I use concealer under my eyes and a little bit of BB Cream. 

To start, you will need some supplies. As you can see, all of mine are well loved. I have a bronzer powder, a blush that suits my skin tone and an illuminator powder. I also have an angled face brush and kabuki brush for blending. 

First, you load up your angled face brush with bronzer and tap off the excess. 

Then, making a kissy fish face and brush the bronzer into the hollows under your cheekbones. This will make your cheekbones appear more prominent. 

Next, load up a bit more bronzer and pinch your brush so it's narrow in the middle. Brush the bronzer on both sides of your nose. Doing this makes your nose appear thinner. 

Brush the bronzer on both sides of your forehead as well. 

Last, but not least, brush the bronzer in the little dip between your lower lip and top of your chin. Doing this will define and add fullness to your lips. 

Make sure you blend, blend, blend after each step in the process! This is a very important step. 

Next up, grab your blush. I use a pale pink color. 

Smile really big and brush the blush onto the apples of your cheeks and blend. 

Last is the illuminating powder. A little bit of this goes a long way, so make sure to tap off your brush to get the extra off. 

Brush the illuminator on the bridge of your nose, your cheekbones, your forehead and your chin. 

Don't forget to blend! 

And voila! Now you are radiant and ready to face your day! As you can see, this is very subtle and just gives you enough color and shimmer to make it through your week looking fresh faced and lovely. After work, you can add a bold lip or smokey eye to transition it into evening wear. 

Happy Contouring! 


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