Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Retro Milkmaid Braids

Milkmaid braids are effortlessly cool and can really take an ensemble to the next level. But, for those of us with super fine hair, it may kind of look like 2 small ropes sitting on your head from a distance, without any extra oomph or body to give the style any shape. That's where the teased retro part comes in! I think it really fancies the look up too, for weddings and nice events.

I find that this style works better if I haven't washed my hair that day. So, it's also a perfect look to throw together when you don't have time to wash your hair, too. Once you get styling it down, it only takes about 5 minutes to do.

First, start by teasing the top portion of your hair and secure with a couple of bobby pins. See my baby beehive tutorial for the breakdown on this.

Next, divide your hair in half, taking care to pull gently, so you don't pull the securing pins out. Braid your hair out to the side, pulling straight out from your hear and secure with a clear elastic. 

Then do the same to the other side. You could now pose as Pippi Longstocking!

Take one braid, and cross over your head, securing by pushing a bobby pin upwards into the end of the braid by the clear elastic. Secure with at least one more pin on the top of your head until the braid doesn't feel loose.

Take the remaining braid and fold the base over the end of the first secured braid. Fold over the top of your head and tuck near the base of the first braid. Secure with an upwards bobby pin again and pin until it no longer feels loose. If the braids are poking out at the ends, use bobby pins to fold the opposite braid over loose hairs and pin away.

Next, remove the bobby pins in the back of your head. They may have separated by now; that's OK! They help keep the top portion mostly in place, so you don't end up with a part down the back of your whole head.

Smooth the beehive hair downwards and out to either side until it rests nicely and you're happy with the shape of your pouf as a whole. Pull out any hair you want to frame your face. Secure the U-shaped loops the hair forms in the back by pushing bobbypins upwards into the hair under the base of the braids on either side. Use the end of a rattail comb to pull up any sections that you want to poof out more.

Last but definitely not least hairspray the living bejeezus out of the whole thing (insane face encouraged) and ta-da! You're ready for a fancy event, or simply a super glamorous third-day-after-washing-your-hair look.



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