Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Instagram Roundup

It's time for another Instagram roundup! If you don't follow us on Instagram, you definitely should. We post every day and love to interact with our followers. Give us a follow here! Above is a snap from our volunteer day at the Decatur Celebration with Decatur City Limitless. We had a blast surprising people with meet and greet passes!

This is a great color combo and perfect for office wear!

It's fall transition time and this outfit is perfect for cool mornings and warm afternoons. 

Polka dots are a great way to spice up any outfit, like this green dress and red top. 

Molly is rocking this floral romper and flower crown! Perfect for saying farewell to summer. 

Molly debuted her revamped entryway on the blog a couple of weeks ago. It looks amazing! 

How cute is this Betsey Johnson bag of Molly's? 

Check out this fun barrette that Molly is sporting! Perfect for a Sunday "Fun"day. 

Here is a snap of us at Jodi's bachelorette party back in July. It was a blast and everyone looked fabulous! 

Did you catch our post on Cocomero? It is delicious and we definitely recommend checking it out. 

This dress is great for fall and is so affordable! 

Jodi has a thing for flamingos and with a top like this, how could she not? 

These two dresses are tea party chic and both are from Kohl's! 

Floral print is perfect for summer tops and wrap dresses. 

This gingham skirt is a perfect piece for a work wardrobe. It's so versatile! 

Scones, clotted cream and jams! Oh my! 

All outfit info is on our Instagram. 


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