Monday, September 7, 2015

Fall Trends 2015

We don't know about you, but fall is hands down our favorite time of year (well summer is great too, but we're trying to not be depressed about the end of it right now). There's just something about the crisp air, the deep, rich shades of the leaves on the trees, warm spiced drinks and comfort food that really put us in a good mood. That good mood is also helped by the new trends that emerge in the fall! Below we've rounded up and shared the links for our favorite trends for the coming season. Take a look and let us know what you are excited about wearing in the coming months! 

Trend #1: Button up skirts
We're taking things back this season. The 70s are going to be huge for fall and the button up skirt is part of that. Want to really punch up the 70s vibe? Try it in suede. 
5. H&M 

Trend #2: 70s 
As mentioned above, the 70s are going to be BIG for fall. You will be seeing this trend everywhere. If bell bottoms aren't your thing, we've found some other pieces you might like to try out. 
5. Lulu's

Trend #3: Plaid
We're what you might call, mad for plaid. Pretty sure when you look up fall in the dictionary, there's a bunch of plaid next to it. It was hard just picking a few to showcase here, but just know, there are a ton more options out there and you will also be seeing this trend everywhere.
1. Lulu's
2. Modcloth (this is the scarf everyone has been wearing. Grab it while you still can!)
3. Target

Trend #4: Flares
As we said, 70s are IN for fall. The biggest example of the trend you will be seeing is flared jeans. Not quite in love with flares? Bootcut jeans are also back in a big way. 

Trend #5: Scalloped edge
Scalloped edges are really a huge hit at the moment. They are the perfect way to punch up an outfit without being too drastic. 
1. H&M

Trend #6: Lace up flats
These little cuties are currently all the rage. How could they not be? Look at them, in all their colorful glory. These seem to be available in every color, fabric and texture imaginable AND there are plenty of affordable options too! 

Trend #7: Romantic/Victorian 
This trend is a lot of fun and easy to incorporate in bits and pieces. The romantic trend is going to be seen in lace details on everything from dresses to shoes. We will also see the Victorian trend in things like high collars, moody fabrics and black lace. We think this one will be a blast to try out!
1. ASOS (also love this one from Nasty Gal) 

Happy shopping! 


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