Monday, August 10, 2015

Stripes and Daisies

Do you ever get a statement piece that's so amazing you know that you have to plan a whole outfit around it? Because simply treating it as a mere accessory is an insult to its wonderfulness? Maybe? No? Well, I do. And this purse is it.

I got this stunning Betsey Johnson bag for my birthday from my parents (thanks ModCloth wishlists for making all my dreams come true, and my gift-givers lives much easier!) and think I just sat there smiling and saying how beautiful it was over the course of the evening. My family was unfazed by this weirdness because of my history as a very bald two-year-old when my coveted yellow Fisher Price purse with plastic lipstick never left my side. I could list examples from the rest of my childhood, but nobody wants to read a novel.

I just think there's a lot to be said for items that just make you happy when you look at them. And, you really can't go wrong with anything in classic black and white. I love the chic retro look with the flower details that look like vintage jewelry. And just when it's the epitome of classy, the bold striped sides say, "hey, I'm fun, too!"

I know matchy-matchy doesn't always work (though we love some good matchy-matchy looks here at Mod Circus!) but I decided I needed an ensemble to perfectly coordinate with the bag. I mean, duh. This striped top and black shorts mirror the surface of the bag, and the sandals, that also look adorned with vintage jewelry, were a perfect fit to match the bag's embellishments.

I did add the turban headband to play up the retro look and because, OK, I gueeeess I can add some color to the black and white and black and white and black and white.

Matchy-matchy stylin' fo' life.


Purse: ModCloth, Top: H&M, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Sandals: ModCloth, Headband: Von Maur Sunglasses: ModCloth, Earrings: Vintage


  1. I do love that stripped shirt. I have a few like that myself and they go with almost any outfit :) Confessions of an Ex-Ballerina

    1. Agreed! Nothing more versatile than classic black and white!

  2. You look like you are having a great time. Thanks for sharing your photos.

    1. We usually do when we're shooting photos! Thanks, John!

  3. This look is so cute, I love all of your accessories


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