Monday, June 8, 2015

Baby Beehive Hair

Only have 5 minutes, and not sure how to style your hair? Your mane has got you down because it looks weird down? This is your best option. It just is. It'll add a retro flair or fancy look to even the most drab of days. I will say, this style works best on a day when you haven't just washed your hair, which I see as an added bonus.
A small interjection: if anyone has a better name for this hairstyle, that I wear at least once a week, I'm all ears! Is there a name? Am I in the dark? Did I make this up? It's like a beehive, but scaled back. So, a baby beehive. Right? Let's do it.

1. Take a section of hair at the front and center of your head, about and inch and a half back, and maybe 4 inches wide. Spray with hairspray near your roots to get some texture, and to help the style stay. Using a rattail comb, backcomb (comb towards your scalp in a light, fast motion, so all the hair at the back of the section resembles a rat's nest) until there's a poof a few inches tall.

2. Grab smaller sections on each of the sides of your head, and repeat, not backcombing quite as much, since you want the look taller than wider. (mmm, 80s-rific stylin' here)
3. Grab another center section behind the poofed section and repeat. Do the same (smaller backcomb sections for the sides of this section, as well).
(You'll look really good at this point!)
4. Lightly comb the top of your hair to make the surface smooth and to shape your beehive. Then, gather it into a section and bobby pin, overlapping the pins into an X. I typically only need 4 bobby pins: two to hold the hair in place, and two to kind of clean up and shape the style. To finish, mist with some hairspray.

Tada! So quick and easy! At this point, you can leave your hair as is, circle into a small half bun with a couple of bobby pins (shown below), or into a full bun for an updo.

Now you can go style this in probably less time it took you to read this!


  1. Very cute! I used to do my hair half up all the time but I don't as much anymore. I will have to give this a try though, so thanks for reminding me :)

    1. Thanks! Glad to remind you! It's so simple and easy, it's usually my default style. :)

  2. I like the bun addition! I'll have to try that.... But we lovingly call it "the poof" down south :)

    1. Ahhh, I figured if anyone would have a name for it, it would be you!! :) Yeah, I wear it so often, I try to mix it up a bit.

  3. I've known it as a "bouffant," a la Brigitte Bardot. But I think your name is more fun. :)

    1. Thanks! :) Yes, it could easily be called a "baby bouffant" too!


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