Wednesday, May 13, 2015

DIY Necklaces

Sometimes when I go to Hobby Lobby I have this terrible habit of walking through nearly every single aisle, just to make sure I'm not missing out on any neat little things I may not even know I need. Ugh, that place. When I came across the jewelry-making aisle, I was really impressed by some of the stylish options they had. Not only did I love the style of the pieces, but the price making your own necklace is significantly cheaper than buying a similar-looking one at a store. Sign me up! I was able to make a couple of necklaces for under $10 (with chain and other components left over for future jewelry-making)!

To put together your own necklaces, here's what you'll need:

Necklace charms (I used this and this)
2 pairs of jewelry pliers (I have this set)
Chain on a spool, matching the color of your jewelry
Clasp (like this)
Jump Rings (like these)

You've got two main options as for how to go about this:

1) Shortcut: Get a ready made chain and attach the charm, in which case you'll only need charm, pliers and jump rings in addition to the blank necklace you buy. (Like the arrow necklace.)

2) Regularcut: Get a length of chain on a spool, decide your own length, and attach your own clasp, in which case you'll need all of the supplies above. (Like the chevron necklace.)

I've done one of each of these here, so you can see the differences!

For option 1, all you'll need to do is grab two jump rings and the charm to add to your chain. Pry the jump ring open by holding each side with the pliers and gently pulling apart until the ring parts slightly. String the ring through a ring on the center point of necklace, and gently press back together, being sure not to squeeze, which would cause the ends to overlap. Pry open a second jump ring (which may have to be slightly larger than the first to go over the charm) in the same fashion. Keeping a tight hold on the first jump ring, loop the second ring through the first ring. Keep that left hand holding the first jump ring clamped tight on the pliers, slip on the charm, and close as you did the first one. Viola! You've made a necklace.


For option 2, first you'll need to figure out how long you want your necklace to be. Once you figure out the length, slowly pry apart the ring at the cutting point and discard that ring. You've now got your chain. Pry open a jump ring and loop through the end of the chain then, holding tightly with the pliers in your left hand, slide on one end of the clasp. Gently press the jump ring back together, being sure not to squeeze, which would cause the ends to overlap. Repeat for the other end with the other side of the clasp.  Now, find your halfway point, and slowly pry apart that ring with two pairs of pliers. Add jump rings in the same fashion that you did the clasps and you're done! If you'd like an adjustable necklace, you can always add in a string of jump rings at the end of the chain.

Happy necklacing!! (That's a word, right?)




  1. Love this DIY! I bought some charms to do this but didn't have the right color chain. I like your arrow one. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Thanks, Carmen! Once you get the chain, it will be easy peasy! :)


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