Friday, May 29, 2015

Blush Midi

Something about midi skirts just feel so fancy. (Cue: "I'm so fancy...") It's like a little miniature slice of a ball gown or a poofed out 1950s cocktail dress. You can pair it with a nice blouse and really dress it up, or with a cotton crop top and still be like a 5 on the fanciness scale.

The line of a midi skirt is so classic and sophisticated, but there are tons of color and texture variations that really modernize the look. I fully consider blush pink to be a neutral color in my wardrobe, and I also loved the texture of this midi I found at H&M, but the pockets really sealed the deal. Obviously a skirt with pockets is to be taken seriously.

I styled my hair in a little baby beehive (tutorial for that coming soon!) to give this modern look a decidedly retro edge. What's new there, huh? Big white circle sunnies and a white statement necklace were perfect finishing touches. Oh, and I used my nifty trick to make bright red lipstick stay all day.

Now I'm going to go mix up an Old Fashioned and play some records while I sit like Betty Draper on a fancy chaise lounge.

Top: H&M (similar), Skirt: H&M, Necklace: Von Maur, Shoes: Kohls (similar), Sunglasses: H&M, Bracelet: Vintage, Earrings: Wal-Mart

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Smokey Eye Tutorial

As I mentioned before, I really love doing other people's makeup. I also really love doing my own (most days). What better way to practice than on your own face? I've experimented a lot with what works and what doesn't and I think I have found my go-to smokey eye look. 

I start by doing the rest of my makeup first. Here that includes moisturizer, BB cream, foundation, bronzer/blush, and a bit of highlighter on my cheek bones. I also went ahead and curled my lashes with an eyelash curler before starting. 

Then, and this is the most important step, I put Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion on my lids. I cannot stress enough how great this primer is! You can fall asleep in your makeup (I don't condone doing this, by the way. Always, always wash your face before bed!) and wake up and your eye makeup will look like you just applied it. It really is a magical potion! You only need a little dab for each eyelid. Blend it in really well all over your lid area and let dry. You might also want to dab with a loose powder to set it. 

For this look, I used the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, specifically Foxy, Half Baked, Chopper and YDK. You can use any shadow as long as you follow the lightest to darkest order I explain below. Also, I used four shades here, but two to three also work nicely. It's all in the blending. 

I always start by lining my top lid and part of my bottom lid with a black pencil. This might seem counter intuitive, but it gives me a space to work in and it helps to make my eyes pop more. 

Then, starting from the inner corner and working out, I brush the lightest color (Foxy) all over my lid. I follow with the second lightest (Half Baked) over two-thirds of my lid. Finally, I use an angled brush and working form the outer corner in, brush the second darkest color in toward the middle of my lid. I finish by brushing the darkest (YDK) into the crease of my lid and blending down toward my lash line. Then I use a blending brush to blend all of the lines into one another. I also use an eyeliner brush to brush the darkest color along my bottom lash line. I don't go all the way to the corner, but stop about two thirds of the way. 

Next I swipe on two-three coats of mascara. I use Maybelline Falsies Black Drama. This mascara is the only kind you need in your makeup tool box. I use it every day. I have tried A LOT of different mascara and this is the only kind that lengthens, thickens AND curls my lashes. It really does look like you are wearing false eyelashes! 

After mascara, I clean up my liner by going over it again gently with the pencil and then filling in the gaps with black liquid liner. I dot the liquid liner in between my lashes on the base of my lash line to fill in any of the white spaces that the previous liner didn't reach. 

Finally, I use a Q-Tip to clean up the edges and blend my bottom lash line. This step is also crucial. I swipe the Q-Tip along my brown bone to clean up any extra shadow and I use it along the outer edge to keep all of the shadow inside my eye lid area. I also use it to smudge the bottom lash line so the line isn't so harsh. 

Voila! A smokey eye that is perfect for nighttime and fancy occasions. 



Monday, May 25, 2015

Circus Photoshoot

We are completely blown away by all the support and positive encouragement we've been getting for Mod Circus in the less than two months we've been at it! We've had a blast shooting photos of each other, but it occurred to us that we didn't have any photos together. And we're to the point where we need a profile picture here or something. So, we decided to go big or go home with this fun circus-themed photoshoot.

We had such a great time with Jeon Hyun-Seung Photography at Rock Springs Pine Forest getting these stunning shots! We may have had some hikers and nature enthusiasts stare at us as we dragged our giant elephant and bucket of props into the forest, but we didn't mind because the result was truly magical.

The lead up to the photo shoot was almost as much fun as the shoot itself. We enlisted the help of our husband and husband-to-be in making the props we used in the background. Those beautiful men of ours are so crafty and handy! What would we do without them? 

We decided to really hammer home the circus theme, but put our own twist on it by doing everything in our blog colors and with our own decorations. The end result is the epitome of what Mod Circus is - fun, stylish and two friends having a great time together!

We even enlisted the help of Molly's dog, Reese, because no circus is complete without a lion. She may have even been tamed by the end.

Just look at that lil' lion!

Be sure to check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages to see our new social media photos for each!

And we'll close with our winning "Mod Circus Family Photo." We're probably both framing this for our respective mantels. ;)

All photographs by Jeon Hyun-Seung Photography

Molly's outfit details: Shirt: Gap, Blazer: Urban Outfitters (similar), Shorts: H&M, Shoes: Steve Madden, Gold Tophat: LED Christmas Lighting

Jodi's outfit details: Blazer: The Limited, Skort: Modcloth, Boots: Modcloth, Belt: The Limited, Tophat: Borrowed from my grandma, Epaulets: Homemade


Friday, May 22, 2015

Red and White Stripes

Last week you saw Molly's adorable dress from eShakti. I'm so excited to finally show you mine! We were thrilled when eShakti contacted us and asked if we'd like to try them out.

As Molly said last week, we weren't sure what to expect when we started. We were soon put at ease though. As we began to navigate their site and choose our dresses, we found that not only did they have so many cute things to choose from, but they also customize your order so it fits you perfectly. 

They have tons of things to choose from - dresses, blouses, skirts. They even have a wedding section! To say it was hard to narrow down our selection to just one item for each of us is putting it mildly. We went back and forth until finally, we chose a piece we just couldn't live without. 

I'm a huge fan of anything with stripes, so naturally, my eye was drawn to this little number. I also have a soft spot for anything that could be considered nautical in nature. I think this dress fits the bill for both. I was very impressed with the quality of the dress when I received it in the mail. The material is a really sturdy cotton and it has a lining (bonus points in my book).  

As Molly mentioned, you can customize not only the length and sizing, but also the sleeves and the neckline. I picked the sleeveless option and opted to have my length hit above the knee. My dress came with pockets as well. I believe that it should be a law that all dresses and skirts be made with pockets from now on. Would you like to sign my petition? 

There is also a high twirlability factor here. That's always a great addition to any spring or summer dress. 

The very best part of this whole experience is that we get to share a nifty promo code with our readers! Through June 4th, just use the code "modcircus" for 10% off your order. You can combine this code with all other coupons and gift cards for even more savings. It can also be used multiple times during this time period. So, what are you waiting for? Go forth and shop! 


Outfit Details: Dress: c/o eShakti, Shoes: Modcloth, Headband: Lilly Pulitzer for Target, Earrings: Baublebar 


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wear It Two Ways: Palazzo Pants


The approach of summer means the approach of another very exciting thing: palazzo pants! These flowy wide-leg pants are perfectly lightweight for warm summer days and cool summer nights alike. These fun pants can be so versatile and, as you may have guessed, Jodi and I took two totally different approaches to styling them.

I paired my tribal-inspired palazzos with large cascading earrings and a high ponytail for an effortless 70s-inspired boho look. I added some leather bracelets my husband picked up for me at the San Lorenzo leather market in Florence for an added pop of color. Now I can just pretend I'm walking around 1970s Italy with the breeze blowing to make me look like a real fancy pants... in the most literal way.


Molly's Outfit Details: Pants: TJ Maxx, Shirt: H&M (similar), Shoes: Target (similar), Earrings: Modcloth (similar) Bracelets: San Lorenzo Leather Market 


I went for a 1920s boho inspired look. I picked up this snazzy headband at the Lilly Pulitzer for Target melee a few weeks ago and have worn it several times since as a badge of honor for making it through (almost) unscathed. 

I'm also super into straw totes at the moment. This one was only $20 at TJ Maxx. Nothing quite says summer time like breezy pants and straw totes, am I right? 


Jodi's Outfit Details: Pants: Target, Crop top: Target, Straw tote: TJ Maxx, Headband: Lilly Pulitzer for Target, Sandals: Sam & Libby for Target, Ring: Modcloth


Monday, May 18, 2015

Quail Egg Breakfast Crostini

My brother recently started raising quail (check out his website here) and when he came to visit a few weeks ago, he brought 4 dozen lovely little eggs with him! I've eaten them before at restaurants, but this was my first opportunity to cook with them myself. Man, it just feels fancy to say you're cooking with quail eggs.

If you're not familiar with quail eggs, they're not your typical eggs. They are tiny and adorable and look more like Easter candy eggs than chicken eggs. Anywhere from 3 to 6 quail eggs is equal to the size of a chicken egg. These little delicacies can be poached, scrambled, or cooked like a regular egg. Unlike a regular egg, they are mostly make up of yolk, which gives them a full, rich flavor. Another key difference is the extra-durable membrane under the shell. It's virtually impossible to penetrate without quail egg scissors. We used these.

I thought making crostini with these tiny eggs would be a fun little twist on classic breakfast sandwich. These would make perfect appetizers for a brunch gathering, or you could just make up a big batch for yourself and your family to make breakfast a little more special. Or eat the whole batch yourself; no judgement here (they're small!)

1 Baguette
1 T Olive oil
2 T Butter
12 quail eggs
12 small slices cheddar cheese
6 slices of bacon
Small bunch of chives, thinly sliced
Salt and pepper for seasoning

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Slice the baguette on a bias into 12 rounds, each about 1/2 inch thick. Brush olive oil on both sides. Bake for about 10 minutes on one side, turn, and bake 10 more. Begin making the quail eggs after the first "turn."

To cook quail eggs, heat half of the butter in a small pan over medium heat. Add the quail eggs to the pan, cooking three at a time, and turn heat down to medium-low. Sprinkle a small pinch of salt over the eggs. Cook until white part is set, but yolk is still runny. Set aside. Repeat for next three batches of quail eggs, adding more butter after the second batch.

After the bread is has baked according to directions above, place a cheese slice at a diagonal and bacon slice on the other diagonal on each round. Cook for an additional 3-5 minutes, until the cheese is melted. Remove from oven and place one quail egg atop each round, sprinkle with cracked pepper and chives.

Yields 12 crostini

Now, if this isn't the cutest little breakfast bite you've ever seen, I really don't know what would be!


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