Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Springfield Food Truck Festival

Three words you guys: Funnel. Cake. Fries. (insert Homer Simpson drooling face here) 

This past weekend, I rounded up a few people and we headed over to sweat our buns off at Conservation World where the Springfield Food Truck Festival was happening. 

I tried to dress as coolly as I could, considering we were in the midst of an insane heatwave. This dress did the trick nicely. I didn't even try to do anything with my hair other than get it out of my face and away from my neck. 

Shaved ice sure did help in the heat! Everyone else thought so too because their line was the longest by far! 

It was so hard choosing what to get, so we all split up and decided to get different things. 

I, of course, also chose to visit the Itty Bitty Fashion Truck because we all know I can't pass up anything fashion related!

My mom and I found a plethora of good food at Sidewinders Food Dock. She got tochos, or tater tot nachos and the aforementioned Funnel Cake fries for us to split. 

I got the Korean BBQ Chicken fries. These were crispy french fries topped with cheese sauce, BBQ chicken and slaw. All three of our dishes were fantastic! Everything was cooked to perfection and the flavors were exquisite. 

Next up, my brother purchased a deep fried taco. He had only good things to say about it, but he was too quick and ate it all before I could sneak a bite. 

My husband also went the Mexican route, but he stopped at the Little Mexico truck to order a chorizo quesadilla. They balled up the corn meal and pressed out the tortillas as you watched! According to my husband, it was a sublime quesadilla (and he knows a thing or two about quesadillas). 

My cousin and his friend went with the Fry If You Want To truck. This truck specialized in different concoctions containing french fries. I didn't get to try these either, but I think they weren't too terribly excited about them after waiting in such a long line. To be fair, I think they were short staffed due to a heat related incident (it was really, REALLY hot out guys). However, fries are fries so it all ended up being eaten and enjoyed. 

We finished up our lunches with ice cream and shaved ice! 

I had never explored Conservation World at the Illinois State Fairgrounds before, but I am so glad we got to experience it! It's a beautiful area, full of lush greenery, a small pond and a lot of great scenery. 

We all agreed we would definitely like to go back soon! 

Sadly, Bites on the Boulevard, will be the last event where you can sample food truck cuisine this summer. It will be August 9th, 5-9 pm at MacArthur Boulevard Business Association.

Let us know your favorite food truck and if you know of any more food truck events this summer that we missed! 

Outfit details: Dress: Ann Taylor, Sunglasses: ASOS, Sandals: T.J. Maxx

Monday, July 25, 2016

Bubblegum Gingham

I may or may not have gone a little crazy over Modcloth's latest sale. This is the perfect time to stock up on summer sale pieces while it's still crazy hot out and there's still time to wear them. My favorite piece I scored was this pink gingham skirt, which I got for less than $15! And guess, what? With the code BYEJULY, you can still get 40% of summer favorites by clicking here now through Friday!

It's no news that we're mad for gingham this summer (gosh, I wish that had a good rhyme like "mad for plaid"), but it's so versatile and fun. This pink skirt is a super fun and whimsical with a very retro feel. Kind of a sophisticated Elly May Clampett. Just call me Molly May.

A good solid black or navy gingham is so classic, but a bubblegum pink gingham makes for an unexpected and ultra feminine look. 

A lace off the shoulder top was a fun texture balance to the skirt, and the cut of it helped modernize the look. Soft waves and nude platforms also helped bring the look into this century. 

Large white sunnies, a baby pink lip and large vintage earrings tied in more of the retro feel. It's all about the balance of old and new in my opinion. I love to be inspired by, and incorporate, vintage items, and update them so they look modern and not too costume-y. Still a little, though ;) 

A mint purse was the perfect pastel accompaniment to finish off the dreamy sherbet look. 

Remember to check out the sale for yourself through Friday and get your own hot deals with the code BYEJULY, to get 40% off by clicking here! What great summer deals are you scoring right now? 


Outfit Details: Skirt: Modcloth, Top: H&M (similar), Earrings: Vintage, Shoes: Amazon, Purse: Target (similar)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Black and White Boho

H&M has really been killing it lately. I swear the last few months when I've gone into a store or checked out their website, I have seen SO MANY things that I want. 

At the top of the list was this skirt. The fit is superb and it's really great quality. There was a matching bandeau top in store, but I figured I'd mix it up a bit with a striped crop top that I already owned. 

Another great purchase is this green fringe necklace that I also got from H&M. I've actually worn this with a few other very different looks, so it ended up being more versatile than I originally thought. It's a great way to make a huge statement with an otherwise simple look. 

These espadrilles have been on repeat all summer. They are actually super comfy and basically go with everything. Oh and one last H&M purchase, this bamboo clutch! It's a great neutral accessory that rounded out this outfit nicely. 

Outfit details: Skirt: H&M, Crop: Target, Necklace: H&M, Clutch: H&M, Shoes: Vince Camuto

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cocktails on the Beach House Patio

Last Saturday, my brother, husband and I made our way down to Decatur's lakefront to check out the pedal boat rentals. Unfortunately, we couldn't find them, so we decided to stop by the Beach House and have a drink on their beautiful new outdoor patio and drown our sorrows instead! 

Luckily for us, it was an absolutely gorgeous afternoon, so we were able to just sit and relax and enjoy the sunshine while we watched the boats go by in the water. 

They have done a superb job of vamping up this lakefront scene in the past year. There are new docks, landscaping and of course, the new Beach House patio. You can eat dinner on the patio, as well as have a cocktail or two. We were too early for dinner, but the staff was super helpful in getting our drinks and making us feel welcome. 

Since I thought we would be riding in pedal boats, I dressed for the occasion. Fortunately, the Beach House is also a good place to wear anchor themed outfits. 

I went with the Wedding Cake cocktail because ice cream. It did not disappoint! It was like dessert in a glass. 

My brother opted for the rum runner. I snuck a sip and it was quite yummy and tropical. Perfect for the occasion! My husband went with a plain old whiskey on the rocks, which always does the trick no matter where you are. 

We definitely will be heading back to the patio to enjoy dinner soon! I bet watching the sunset from the patio is a spectacular sight. 

When we were done with our drinks, we walked along the lake for a bit and sat on one of the many benches that are available to take in the view. I highly recommend making your way down to the Beach House to check out their new patio and to enjoy a cocktail, or two, while the weather is still beautiful. I know I'm going to be soaking up as much of the summer as I can! 

Outfit details: Shorts: Backroom at The Limited (similar), Scarf: Backroom at The Limited (similar), More anchor goodness here, here, and here, Tank: Topshop, Sandals: Jack Rogers, Bag: Target, Sunglasses: ASOS

Monday, July 18, 2016

Ethereal Lace

Lace dresses, especially those with a raw edge hem, are everywhere this summer! These are right at the core of the hyper romantic trend we flagged as our favorite new trend earlier this season, and they've only gotten hotter since. They're perfect for dressy occasions like weddings, date nights, or in my case, a 10-year high school reunion dinner.

I fell in love with this dress for so many reasons: the lovely lace pattern, the pale blue color and also the price—under $50! You get your first purchase at Tobi for 50% off, so this was basically a steal. (See other Tobi looks we've styled here and here.)

The dress was a little low cut in front, which I knew when I ordered it, but thought would work since I'm lacking in the chest department. However, it did seem to gap a bit to the sides, so to be safe, I got two black pieces of elastic and hot glued them in place like a little built in bandeau. That not only kept the deep V in place, but tied in the black accessories I knew I'd be pairing it with. I would highly recommend this quick and cheap fix for anyone with a cut that's too low for comfort.

Speaking of low, check out this cutout back! That was yet another reason to love the dress. My class reunion, where I wore this, was outdoors, so the back was nice and breezy.

Ear cuffs are my new favorite earring for fancy occasions. They make such a statement without being long and dangly. With my hair down, long earrings might get lost, so these were the perfect statement-making solution. My hair is curled using the super easy Overnight Curls method.

Black pumps and black vintage clutch tied in the black accent I'd added to the dress and made for more of a dramatic nighttime look. A silver leaf wrap ring is a whimsical statement piece that matches both the earcuffs and the dress.

Are you styling any fun hyper romantic looks perfectly fit for summer?


Outfit Details: Dress: Tobi (another similar with cap sleeves), Shoes: Modcloth (similar), Earcuffs: H&M (similar), Ring: Forever 21 (similar), Purse: vintage