Friday, June 24, 2016

Wear it Two Ways: Off the Shoulder Top

You've probably already noticed, but off the shoulder styles are absolutely everywhere this summer! We flagged them as one of our favorite spring trends earlier this year, and our love for them has only grown since then. These may be statement pieces because of the dramatic cut, but trust us, these are no one-trick-ponies! We've styled them a couple of different ways below, but the possibilities are endless.


I'm loving this denim off the shoulder top this summer! It's ruffle-y, loose fitting and comfortable, all perfect for a date night where you might be eating a lot. ;) I also love that it matches anything, since we all know that denim is totally a neutral. 

For a fun date night look, I added giant tassel earrings and round sunnies for simple, but statement-making modern vibe. A baby pink lip helps keep the look light and playful for a summer evening. Bright orange nails also keep the ensemble from looking too serious. 

Black skinnies balance out the volume of the top well and add to the dressy chic vibe. Strappy yellow sandals add a fun pop of color, while being sleek enough to up the fancy factor. 

I do love how versatile this top could be, too! Add some long jewelry, loose curls, and bright clogs for a folk-art look. Or, pair it with jeans for a sophisticated Canadian tuxedo. The possibilities really end with your imagination! 

Molly's Outfit Details: Top: SheIn, Black jeans: Forever 21, Shoes: Payless, Earrings: H&M (similar) Lips: Lipsense


It's no surprise that off the shoulder tops are so popular right now. They are incredibly versatile and come in all manner of styles. Plus, they have a classic silhouette. Is there anything more glam than showing off your shoulders? 

I've styled this off the shoulder top before, but it literally goes with just about anything in my closet. For this look, I went with a bold polka dot skirt (that I've also styled before here) and funky lace up wedges (again, they are on repeat here). 

I kept my look classic and timeless with a bold red lip and round sunglasses. Plus, the round sunnies really "match" my polka dots. ;) Maybe this post should have been titled Wear it Two Ways: Off the Shoulder Top and Round Sunnies? 

This look is perfect for a glam date night or if you really want to be the belle of the ball at a party. Just add a clutch and you're good to go! 

Jodi's Outfit Details: Skirt: Modcloth, Top: H&M, Wedges: Modcloth (similar here and here) Sunglasses: Similar

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Molly's Living Room Renovation

Our last stop on the house tour of our 1915 bungalow is actually the first room we renovated. It took by far the most work, and it ended up being our favorite room in the house, so I guess that's why I'm saving the best for last. You can see our other room renos here: Entryway, Bathroom, Guest Room.

Our goal was to make it a cozy, kitschy mid-century modern wonderland, and we think achieved it. From the cheery mustard yellow walls to the mid-century modern couch and coffee table to the vintage side chairs and artwork, I absolutely love the mix of old and new.

To see how far the room evolved, just take a look at the photo above. It started out looking like a funeral home from the '70s: floor to ceiling mint green wallpaper, curtains, and when we pulled up the new carpet we even found pieces of mint green carpet that had been there!

We basically stripped down everything and renovated it all. Above is a shot of my husband's priority of adding recessed lighting. I was on board because he wanted it so much, but didn't really care either way. However, I think it's one of the most dramatic and best changes we made!

The plaster walls took a few layers of skim coating, or scraping wall putty over the wall and scraping it off, so the plaster walls were nice and smooth. Then, sanding the entire walls, wiping them down, and priming the walls and woodwork. 

Next came the yellow paint. I especially love it in the space because the bold shade made the huge living room/ dining room space seem cozier. When we took down all the wallpaper and took up the carpet, we actually found that at one time the living room and dining room had a wall between them and had been separate, which made sense, because combined it makes a huge room. Gosh, I just love the secrets that hide in old homes.

The wood floors were in relatively good shape, but a little aged and sad. We had to remove the flooring in the entryway to fill in holes where pieces were missing in the main space. However, we finished the entryway sub-floor in the same shade, and it kind of helped separate the spaces, by having slightly different flooring. We rented an industrial sander and got to work sanding the old finish off and evening out the surface. 

Another touch I really love was taking up terra cotta tiles in front of the fireplace and adding black and white penny tiles. I think it looks much closer to what would have originally been there. After staining and sealing the floors, adding crown moulding, and doing about 100 other small touch ups, it was time for decorating!

I'd say at least half of the decor is vintage, but I've linked all the modern items below. I love the fact that I was able to incorporate pieces from family members like the "Better Homes and Gardens" decorating book from my grandma and floral crewel artwork my great-grandma made. 

And, most importantly, the living room renovation was dog-approved. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Room Details: Couch: West Elm, Coffee Table: All Modern, Rug: Target (similar), Pillows: Urban Outfitters, Target, Artwork: Hobby Lobby, Bowl: Ikea

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Violet Hour

Meet my new friend, a toast eating octopus, or toastapus. He's pretty great, right? I found out through my blogging partner in crime that Jess Black is the mastermind behind this gem. You see, I sorta have a thing for those deep ocean dwelling eight legged creatures. Also, I love toast. Basically, this is me in mural form. You can check out more of Jess's amazing work here

Oh, and you already know I have a thing for gingham. As I've said before, it's plaid's little baby sister and we all know how I feel about plaid. 

All that being said, I just had to capture this dress in front of this mural and document it forever in blog history. 

I went with my favorite straw tote to accent this summery dress, as well as "neutral" (leopard is totally a neutral if you do it right) accessories. I'm really loving this pom pom bag charm right now. I've been putting it on all of my summer totes! 

If only every corner of town had a great mural like this. Where do I get my own? Maybe Jess will paint one for me. ;) 

Outfit details: Dress: Modcloth, Wedges: Nine West, Bag: T.J. Maxx (also love this one, this one and this one) Sunglasses: Quay (similar), Bag Charm

Friday, June 17, 2016

Tobi Haul - Molly's Picks

Time for another Tobi haul post! Jodi shared her picks earlier this week and I'm excited to show off my items today. We were thrilled when Tobi contacted us to feature their very own clothing line on Mod Circus. We each picked three pieces to style, which was not easy to narrow down, but we both found pieces that incorporated our own style and the Tobi brand. We were super impressed with the quality of the pieces we received as well as the prices! Plus, Tobi offers 50% off your very first purchase! (I may or may not have already made a purchase to use mine after being so impressed.)

My first pick was the super fun Heart it Flutters Shift Dress. I feel live the real-live emoji dancing lady in this number! This dress makes a statement, and there's no getting around that. As we've mentioned so many times this season, off-the-shoulder looks are huge right now, but this one has a fun twist: the sleeves are actually separate! They snap onto the dress with tiny snaps for when you're not wearing it, though. How nifty is that!

To style a fun date night look, I paired the dress with sleek lace-up heels, large black tassel earrings and a vintage clutch. I feel like I needed the drama of the black to even out the bold dress. Understated accessories definitely could have gotten lost.

My next pick was the delicate and romantic Efflorescence top. I love the flowy nature of it and dramatic dark floral pattern. It's so incredibly comfortable and it could be dressed up or down. Again, off-the-shoulder alert. Can't get enough.

I went with more of a casual look here, pairing it with a button-front denim skirt, lace up gladiators, and a bow choker necklace. This look would be great for anything from running errands to BBQs, to drinks out.

For my final item, I styled these Fine Lines Wide Leg Pants. As Jodi also mentioned in her post, high waist really does mean high waist in this case! Some crop tops I wanted to style them with were even too long, so I went with a strappy camisole, and I think the combination turned out perfectly and it really balanced out the wide pants.

The pants are super comfy and a very fun alternative to a dress for a dressed up look. I can also highly recommend them for pear-shaped ladies who have a hard time finding something that fits their hips be small enough in the waist, which can be a challenge for me.

A bold earcuff, chunky wooden heels and a dark lip helped make a menswear-inspired look a little more glam. This would be perfect as something a little edgy and different for a date night or drinks. 

Check out Tobi for yourself to see all of their great summer pieces, and don't forget, first time customers receive 50% off their purchase! Thanks to Tobi for partnering with us on this post. Like I said, I may have already used my 50% off purchase. ;) 

Outfit Details Look 1: Dress c/o Tobi, Lace up heels: H&M, Earrings: H&M (similar), Clutch: Vintage

Outfit Details Look 2: Top: c/o Tobi, Skirt: H&M, Gladiator sandals: GoJane, Choker: DIY from Hobby Lobby

Outfit Details Look 3: Striped pants: c/o Tobi, Top: Forever 21 (similar), Earcuffs: H&M (similar), Wedges: Steve Madden (similar)

Check out some of Tobi's must-haves: Shoes, TopsSunglasses, Blazers, Maxi Skirts, Wrap Dresses

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How-to: Purse Organization

As you have probably deduced by now, I love bags. Big bags, small bags, any color, I.LOVE.BAGS! This love of mine goes way back, to when I was just a wee Mod Circus babe. That's right, I've been carrying some sort of bag since I was old enough to walk (literally). When I was small, I'd like to buy old lady handbags at garage sales and carry them around with all of my worldly possessions. I'd also carry backpacks, for those days when I toddled off to one of my two grandmother's houses to spend the day. My grandma still likes to tell the story of how I literally fell over backward from the weight of all of the stuff in my backpack as I was leaving her house. Let's be real though, it wasn't like I was carrying gold coins. Oh no, my treasures were pictures of my family, my blankie, an old pair of glasses, several books, and other various knick knacks.

Baby me with one of my many purses. 

Please notice the bag to the left. That was a great bag.

I've been known to pull a muscle or two out of whack from lugging my stuff around, so as I've gotten older, I've made a conscious decision to keep my bags organized so as not to cause myself bodily harm. Plus, it makes it a whole heck of alot easier to switch out my bags each day (or every other day) when everything is organized and neatly placed. A few years ago, I received this purse organizer as a gift for Christmas. My life has not been the same since! This makes it super easy to switch out the bag I carry daily. I'm almost always pressed for time in the mornings, so believe me when I say, this method literally makes it possible to switch out your bag in 30 seconds or less.

Below, I've provided details on how I organize my purse to make it super simple to change my bag daily.

I use this purse organizer to keep all of my little necessities in one place. Depending on the day, I might also have an extra small makeup bag that I throw in my purse, if I need a touch up after the gym or before any evening activities. 

What I like about this purse organizer is that it's expandable. You can make it bigger or smaller depending on what you need to carry and the purse you are carrying it in. It also have a billion pockets on it and in it. The pockets make organizing all of your bits and bobs super easy. Plus, it makes finding what you need very efficient. Just last weekend, I asked my husband to grab my eye drops out of my purse for me. He gave me a worried look and peeked in to start rooting around. After a few seconds, I just stuck my hand in and plucked out the eye drops without even looking. He was absolutely amazed! All because I knew which pocket it was in (and sheer luck that I stuck my hand in the right place, shhh don't tell him). 

In this purse, I put the makeup bag, as well as my wallet, in the organizer to save on space. I also carry a day planner with me. I know, super old school. I just really like having a hard copy of my calendar with me. I'm an old lady and like writing things down. 

Here is everything that was packed away into my purse organizer. You're probably thinking, that's a lot of lip gloss! Pro tip: you can never have too many lip colors with you. I also like to carry a couple of band-aids, a hair tie and bobby pin, feminine products, double sided tape for any wardrobe malfunctions, pain reliever, mints, peppermint essential oil, eye drops, my check book, pens, wrinkle releaser, hand cream, a brush, sunglasses and of course my car keys and cell phone. Keep in mind, this is my day-to-day bag. On the weekends or in the evenings, I rarely carry as much stuff. I also keep the load light if I'm going to be somewhere where I will be walking around all day and carrying a bag. 

When I'm ready to switch my purse, all I need to do is grab the organizer by the handles, pull it out and place it into the new bag. Next go my wallet and planner. Depending on the structure of the inside of the bag itself, I might put my phone and keys in an inside bag pocket. 

Voila! Ready to head out the door with a fresh bag to match your outfit in seconds flat. 

I hope you found this helpful! I'd love to know, what do you carry in your bag?